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Renaissance world View vs Today's world View

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Ben Ross-Murphy

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Renaissance world View vs Today's world View

Renaissance world view vs Today's world view
What changes in the world view occurred in the renaissance era
What are the effects of humanism ,the changes that occurred, how are they similar to our world view today
What is the world view we believe today, how is it similar to the renaissance world view





How have the changes in the world view throughout the renaissance period effect the way we see the world today.
The World View is the same
50/50 on religion and humanism
More on Humanism than on God/Religion
The changes during the renaissance have revolutionized the world around us with its vast range of arts and fashion, but the biggest change is the change in the world view. The change went from a belief through God; a religious world view. To a totally different one which was the belief that human advances and knowledge is more important than Gods this belief was called humanism
What were the changes
Humanism changed the modern world to a more selfish world view, with everything is about you and your advancement in life is more important than anyone else’s, you could also go from being a peasant to a merchant then to being a very successful baseness man as being wealthy you could afford what the kings/queens could afford. So in conclusion the change in the world view is from a religious world view to a humanistic world view.
How has this change. changed the world
Humanism changed the world a lot and the effects were that more and more people could do their own thing and not have to follow everyone else’s way of life; like having to follow the kings way
The effects.
So you could build yourself up from a little peasant to the equivalent to a Lord. Humanism made it possible to be a selfish person and all you had to do in life is think about you own advancements more than anyone else’s
How did it effect us
This has a lot of similarities to today’s world with the world view of you always having to be at the top; above everyone else, just like the Medici’s they had a thirst to make it to the top, this has turned us, modern people into selfish people wanting only the best for ourselves. In conclusion the effect of humanism was that it gave us the ability to be selfish without being discriminated like in the dark ages, also it gave us the ability to build ourselves up and do things freely; it gave us freedom.
The similarities today
We believe in a modern version of Humanism. Today, Humanism is regarded as an atheistic philosophy; as in the renaissance it was a rebel belief that still held a bit of God in it. The modern humanistic world view we believe today, it stresses the importance of human autonomy, especially over God. It's often associated with naturalism and materialism. Humanism is a growing philosophy that is taking hold of most of the world. When science becomes "scientism" then humanism closely follows
What world view/s do we believe today
It is is similar because the world view in the renaissance changed from a religious world view to a Humanistic world view; that still held a bit of God in it. Because of this world view, it revolutionized the modern western world with making us more focused on the human achievement….and instead of God’s achievement and God’s way of life, we are more stuck up about ourselves then we are about God.This also happened in the renaissance where you were still able to build yourself up, you could move from rank to rank like you can do now.

How is it similar to the Renaissance world view
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