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My Road To Me

No description

Sajel Arya

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of My Road To Me

My Road To Me

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- "Why I Chose This Song"
- "My Street Cred"
- "I Don't Know..."
- "I Do Know..."
- "My Point Is..."
I Don't Know
- Who I am today
- Who I will be tomorrow

I Do Know...
- What and Who I Want To Be:
My Point Is...
I don't know who I am now, but I know who I want to be. I have big hopes and dreams for the future, and even though right now I might be a small town amongst a bunch of others that want to become a city. I know I will succeed.
Table Contents
My Street Cred
- Sarcastic
- Stubborn
- Procrastinator
- Dreamer
- Real
- "You're Hysterical" (~Téa Geraci)
Well Known

Forever Young
Why I Chose This Song
This song by Katy Perry, as many of you know is called "Roar". This song means a lot to me. It ancompasses all that I want to prove to myself and everyone around me. This is a really powerful and motivating song. For me personally it has affected the way I view myself and my life. Although this is not the the original version, I felt this really simplified the song to show it's original message. While watching this presentation please keep in mind the overall theme and message of this song.

BY: Sajel Arya
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