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Dr. Rayners Teaching Writing

No description

Stella G

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Dr. Rayners Teaching Writing

Teaching Writing to pupils
Explain your final expectations to the pupils.
The final draft. Plan and rework. Edit and finally present.
Help them. Scaffolding SUPPORTS
Peer editing teaches respect.
Final draft
Work to expectations but be true to your creative leading. Encourage a quality finished product.
Explore further: You could, for instance, have a psychologist interview a character.
Read. Lots of examples.
A majestic work takes a while to build.
1. Planning is vital.
2. Communicate your expectations - short and long-term clearly and simply.
3. Go back to show... and tell.
Mind maps Green lights Brainstorming What if? ....
Scaffolding supports while you create
More books
Keep the goal in sight.
But enjoy the journey there...
1.Show: Read related literature together.
2. Discuss. Talk about the character. Make notes. Compare notes.
We made it!
What is scaffolding?
Scaffolding : when you break big tasks into shorter writing tasks that 'slowly build in cognitive complexity' (htmlgiant) Thus, the parts of the course fit together like a jigsaw or a scaffold. They stack upward and out - they provide stability. Inside that construct is the final product which stands on its own.
You could do a comprehension?
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