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Great Gatsby colour

No description

Pluto .

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Great Gatsby colour

White dresses, white car, white flowers

Covers up Daisy’s true personality

Creates contradiction of character
Lives in a red and white house with Tom Buchanan

The red and white represents Tom and Daisy's relationship.
Associated with Daisy

Tom and Daisy appear to be happy, but are not due to Tom’s affair with Myrtle.
White represents a façade

Red represents the death of Tom and Daisy's relationship and the love of Tom and Myrtle Wilson.
Like Daisy, she appears innocent but isn't what she seems.

Accused of cheating and lying
Yellow is the imitation of real gold; false wealth

Gold is old money and yellow is new money in the novel.

At Gatsby's party Nick meets two girls in "twin yellow dresses" (pg. 42) who are not as interesting as Jordan and her "slender golden arms" (pg. 43).
Mostly represents Gatsby’s transition into Jay Gatsby.

Transition sparked by Cody who buys him a blue coat.

Jay Gatsby is gold whereas James Gatz is blue.
Gatsby’s house looks yellow at times (show that it is not “old” money but instead the desire for it)

Gatsby’s car is yellow representing his need to impress and his desire to be seen as wealthy.
Myrtle was killed by Gatsby's yellow car.

Daisy was driving the car that killed Myrtle. Daisy looks harmless but really is not.
Daisy named after the flower-an invasive weed

Yellow of the inside represents her true self

Ran over Myrtle with car even though Daisy looks harmless on the outside.
Yellow is seen around tragic death
Positive associations are hope, life, and living things.

It particularly is associated with hopes and desires for the future but they aren't always positive.
Green light mentioned over and over again.

Green light is where Daisy is. It represents everything Gatsby wants in life.

Nick sees him reaching for it, meaning reaching for the perfect future of his dreams.
Struggles to see the world ahead

New world being the land as Nick imagines it was years ago-“fresh green breast of the new world”-will the future be dreaded, ashen and grey, or green pastures and full of life?
Her name is a flower- white on the outside, yellow on the inside (false purity).
“Long green tickets” that rich kids use to get into parties

Where Tom and Daisy met and Gatsby falls in love
Daisy is surrounded by white:
Daisy's life
George is a working class man, earning an honest living in the Valley of Ashes. He unaware that Tom is deceiving him.

Nick says he was a "spiritless man" and "anemic" (pg. 25). George “laughed in a colorless way" and “ashen dust" covered his suit as well as everything else in the area except his wife. She is full of life.
He is lifeless and spiritless.

George is consistently described as pale-“ashen face”

Foreshadowing to him being the killer
Daisy's relationship
The red and white house
Jordan Baker

Water that separates him from Daisy

His chauffeur wears blue

His blue garden
Traditionally blue can have many meanings. It represents the working class, loyalty, unfaithfulness/untrustworthy, deceit, sadness, depression and old-fashioned.

Blue has multiple meanings in the novel.
Myrtle was killed by a yellow car in front of a yellow house, seen by the image of a yellow spectacled man.

Gatsby’s yellow car lead to his death; the color made him easy to find.

Gatsby’s next to last moments were in a forest with “yellowing trees” (pg. 161). He dies soon after in the pool.
Gatsby has a desire to fit in with the rich.

Gatsby's mansion-constantly throws extravagant parties to show his upper class involvement

He is trying to prove himself to those of wealth that he is not a fraud.
Nick Carraway
Although Gatsby aims for wealth and money, his true self still resides in the working class.

Old fashion - "Old sport"
George Wilson
Traditionally grey is associated with the opposite of passion--stability, dependability, maturity, professionalism.

It can also have negative associations such as blandness, loneliness, indecision, and depression.

In the novel, grey is lifeless and barren.
Dark Green
Less positive associations are greed, business, and selfish desire.

Green is the colour of American cash which Gatsby makes illegally to fuel his dreams.
Old money and wealth in the novel

Considered a winning colour

Represents achievement, success, or victory

Extravagance, sophistication, elegance, quality
West and East "Egg"
"Egg":white shell, yellow center
represents how society appears to be pure, perfect, and innocent, however on the inside it is imperfect, corrupt, impure, and spoiled. It is fragile and easily broken/manipulated.
Traditionally white represents innocence and purity.

When Nick first sees Jordan and Daisy, they "were both in white" (pg. 8) playing among the curtains blowing the wind.

However, by the end neither Daisy or Jordan are shown to be innocent.

In the novel white is false purity, emptiness, or 'blankness' (unimaginative).
Violent Death
Myrtle Wilson-hit by Gatsby's car, driven by Daisy Buchanan

Jay Gatsby-shot by George Wilson. The leaves touch and leave a "thin red circle in the water" (pg. 162) after his death.

George Wilson-commits suicide after murdering Gatsby.
By Erin, Maddy, Jonathan and Devon
Colour adds layers of emotion and meaning to the novel. Colour symbolism is prominent in
The Great Gatsby
and each colour connects with another.
She is from an old money family and considered a "golden girl" (pg. 120).

She is materialistic.

Gatsby says her voice "'is full of money'" (pg. 120).
At his party were “turkeys bewitched to a dark gold” (pg. 40).

Gatsby wears a gold tie to go see Daisy (pg. 84).
Nick is in Tom and Daisy's home but the woman that Tom is having an affair with is calling during the dinner party.

Tom later hits Myrtle and broke her nose. "Then there were bloody towels upon the bathroom floor" (pg. 37). Myrtle had been shouting Daisy's name.
Is a powerful, intense colour that traditionally represents strong emotions--danger, strength, passion, desire, love, war and anger.

In the novel red often is shown linked with anger, shame, or violence.
Shame and Anger
Is a rich, strong colour. The Buchanan house is white and red and in an wealthy old money area.

In a minor way, red shows luxury.
Valley of Ashes
"a fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens; where ashes take the forms of houses and chimneys and rising smoke and, finally, with a transcendent effort, of men who move dimly and already crumbling through the powdery air." (pg. 23)

There are grey men and grey rail cars in this hopeless place.

Nick, Gatsby, and the others have to travel through it from the wealth of West and East Egg to the city. Myrtle and her husband live there unhappily.
Green Light
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