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Nat Turner

No description

Shane Mathew

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Nat Turner

Born: 10-2-1800, Southampton County, VA
Died: 11-11-1831,Courtland, VA
Known for leading a rebellion of slaves
Nat Turner Bio
Effects On People
He had a big influence in African slave history, also did Harriet Tubman. They inspired many to fight for equality.

He was born a slave, in Southampton County, Va. Turner led African American slaves who rebelled in the south.
By: Shane Mathew
Period: 8th
Due: 2-9-16
Nat Turner

Early Life
Family Background
Turner was born to a women who was owned by a plantation named Turner. She was transported from Africa in her youth.
Nat Turner and a few other slaves led a rebellion. This was very violent and bloody. They killed around 60 people.
African American Heroes
Martin Luther King Jr.
Harriet Tubman
Jackie Robinson
Rosa Parks
Nat Turner
Malcolm X
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