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Alex Matt

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of M&M's

The Brown bag was created in 1948 and didn't change until 2003
Red M&M's were discontinued in the 1970s because people thought the red dye was leading to cancer
M&M's were first packaged in a cardboard tube
M&M's sponsored stock car driver Kyle Busch
Blue M&M's were introduced in 1995.
340 million M&M's are produced daily
M&M's were taken along on the first space shuttle voyage.
M & Ms slogan "the milk chocolate melts in your mouth and not in your hand" is one of the most recognizable in advertising history.

Red, green, and yellow colors were added to peanut M & Ms in 1960, but orange wasn't added until 1976.
Red M & Ms were brought back into the fold in 1987 when consumers demanded his return.
In the 90's, two new flavors were developed - Peanut Butter Chocolate and Almond.
Peanut M & Ms (all in the color brown) weren't developed until 1954.
Mr & Ms Crispy Chocolate Candies were introduced in 1999.
There are over 146,000,000,000 M&M's sold yearly
There is a little over 3 calories in each regular chocolate M&M.
M&M stands for Mars and Murrie; The Co-Creators of the candy.
M&M's were designed so that soldiers could carry them around and not have to worry about them melting.
During the war, M&M's were exclusively sold to sold to soldiers.
In the 1980s, M&M's were introduced internationally to Australia, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom.
In 1996, Mars introduced "M&M's Minis", smaller candies usually sold in plastic tubes instead of bags.
In 1990, M&M's exhibited at New York's Erie County Fair a life-size fiberglass cow covered with 66,000 M&M candies—each adhered by hand with the "m" logo on each candy facing outward.
In 2007, M&M's introduced a limited-edition raspberry flavor called "M&M's Razzberry Chocolate Candies.
During summer of 2008, My M&M's launched 'Faces,' which allows consumers to print the faces of loved ones on M&M's chocolate candies at mymms.com.
M&M's launched a limited edition "Coconut M&M's," which became a permanent item in 2010.
In November 2011, Mars released M & M's Cinnamon Milk Chocolate for Christmas.
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