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Copy of Courtney takes on First grade

No description

Courtney White

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Courtney takes on First grade

Miss Courtney takes on First grade

Alan Shawn Fienstein at
Broad Street Elementary
1. Alan Johnson

2. Lisa Delpit

3. Alfie Kohn
Connecting Theories to Classroom Experiences

Mrs. Kane's First Grade Classroom
Alan Johnson
"We all know that a great deal of
trouble surrounds issues of difference
in this society, trouble relating to
gender and race, sexual orientation,
ethnicity, social class" pg 2

"The steady corrosion of that everyday racism causes to the fabric of social life is everywhere." pg 16
Alan Johnson Moment
Analyzing What Happened...So What?
The little girl in the classroom who is of a different race and skin color was made fun of by another student in the class. J used S's skin color against her in a meaningful and hurtful way which Alan Johnson talks about. He claims that whom ever is more capable will get more than everyone else and in this case J was able to use racial comments against her to get what he wanted. This can also be referred back to McIntosh who talks about the power of White Privilege.
Lisa Delpit
Lisa Delpit Moment
So what?
A Delpit moment was shown several times in this first grade classroom. The teacher has complete control over her classroom and all of her students are aware of the authority that she has over them. Although at times the students act out and don't follow what is told to be done, she immediately addresses that they are not supposed to be doing whatever it was that they were doing. Lisa Delpit would be very proud of this teacher because this teacher does not show "chum" to any of her students, therefore they know who is in control of the classroom.
"Black children expect an authority figure to act with authority. When the teacher instead acts as a "chum" the message sent is that this adult has no authority and the children act accordingly" pg 35
Alfie Kohn
Good Signs
All student work on the walls
Using visitor as a resource
Open space for gathering

Possible Reasons to Worry
Commercial Posters/Only good student work
Teacher is usually unresponsive when visitor walks into the room
Lots of clutter and unorganized of the classroom
Possible Reasons to Worry
Good Signs
Risk Taking
Work Cited


I have never used Prezi or Bitstrips before. I took the time to learn how to use both of these technology tools and I must say it was worth it.

I am a very independent person which is one of the reasons why I chose to work alone. I thought it was going to be a lot harder considering all the work I put into the presentation but I had a lot of fun making it.
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