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Chaikin Analytics: Introducing the Dashboard

No description

Jennifer Cohen

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Chaikin Analytics: Introducing the Dashboard

Chaikin Analytics for iPad Introducing the Dashboard Chaikin Analytics Dashboard See up-to-date Signals and Alerts without ever leaving your dashboard. Configure your pinned lists to highlight those you care about most. Pin Any List to your Dashboard Customize your dashboard for quick access to the lists you view most often. See Charts for Stocks with Signals or Alerts Quickly see the chart on any stock triggering a buy/sell signal or a bullish/bearish alert. Quickly Navigate to Pinned Lists Tap any pinned list to navigate to the detailed list view. Timely and Simple Access to Alerts See current Power Gauge Alerts, Earnings Estimate Revisions and Earnings Surprises on any stock in the S&P 500. Power Gauge Alerts show which stocks had a Power Gauge turn bullish or bearish. Stocks with bullish ratings tend to outperform the market; stocks with bearish ratings tend to under-perform and warrant closer scrutiny. Earnings Surprises often lead Wall Street analysts to revise their EPS estimates. This in turn has big influence over near-term price movements. Estimate Revisions reflect whether expert opinions are positive or negative for a stock and can strongly influence near-term price movements. Chaikin Analytics Dashboard Alternative view.
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