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1.1.1 Mission Innovation

No description

Andrea Maddox

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of 1.1.1 Mission Innovation

1.1.1 Mission Innovation
By: Andrea Maddox
Kidney Failure
Wouldn't it be great if...
There was a test that could inform people about earlier signs of cancer so that doctors would be able to treat it quicker.
Wouldn't it be great if...
There could be certain foods people could intake to reduce the risk of diabetes when they're young.
Conclusion questions
1. What types of obstacles hinder biomedical scientists from solving current health-related challenges?

Some obstacles that hinder solving current challanges in health care are people do not take care of them selves such as their weight. Some people become so overweight it effects their health negatively but they will not try and improve their health therecfore hinders further improvement on doctors part on trying to improve Health problems.

2. Explain why the use of proper
hand-washing techniques by clinicians can be considered
a powerful biomedical innovation of the 19th century.

Hand-washing is very important innovation from the 19th century because if people in health care did not wash their hands, they would spread severe diseases to all types of patients.
3. What do you feel has been the most powerful and effective biomedical innovation of your lifetime? Explain your answer.
The most powerful innovation that i have experienced in my lifetime would be Anesthesia enabling people to not feel pain during surgery instead of having to sit through the process of surgery and feeling everything.
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