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The Most Dangerous Game

No description

Haley Zulawski

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of The Most Dangerous Game

Thematic Question
Major Symbols of the Story
Who is in the Story?
All About
Richard Connell
The Most Dangerous Game
Kyser Lim
Anuj Mehta
Josh Skokan
Dawson Tran
Haley Zulawski

Inciting Incident
Rainsford jumps off the cliff into the ocean
Rainsford, one of the best hunters, is on his ship as he discusses his hunting plans with his companion, Whitney.
Falling Action
Zaroff makes his way back to his bedroom assuming that Rainsford had died in the waters.
Rising Action
-Zaroff explains that tigers and The Cape Buffalo are nothing compared to what he hunts on his island.

-Hunting these animals have bored him. There has only been one game that has never bored him... Humans.

-Rainsford, the hunter becomes the hunted and is forced to play his hunting game in the jungle.
Rainsford reveals himself behind the curtains inside Zaroff's bedroom. He explains that he found swimming was faster than walking through the jungle.
Rainsford enjoys his night sleeping on the luxury bed while Zaroff is fed to his own dogs.
Protagonist: Sanger Rainsford

Born in Poughkeepsie, New York in 1893 (October 7th)
Was son to Edward Connell and Marrie Miller Connell
Went to college at George Town, but later dropped out to work as his fathers secretary
Served in World War 1
After his times in war, he married Lousie Fox in 1919
His father died in 1912
Re-entered college at Harvard when his father perished
Became a professional writer
Died at the age of 56 on November 22, 1949
Influences On His Works
When he was stationed in France he wrote; this influenced him to write about the violent nature of man
Worked as his fathers editor at 16. This was for his fathers news press. (This taught him good writing technique)
Fathers early death caused him to write of the evils of humanity
Antagonist: General Zaroff
Supporting Characters:
Whitney and Ivan
Red and Darkness
Red- Symbolizes the danger that the Protagonist has gotten himself into
Darkness- Shows the evil and death in the story
Island- Is used to show that there is no escape; also used to show a place where man can make there own rules
The island is used for most of the setting in the story

Bed: To show that he has made it to peace
Bed is used at the very end of the story
What the story is about
Does the murder of innocent animals lead further to a longing for more and more blood?
How does this say why humanity is driven to violence?
Thematic Answer
The general had a thirst for blood since the beginning, and this caused him to get bored with animals
Therefor, his longing for murder lead him to the killing of man
This shows that humanity is driven to violence by demonstrating how killing for a meal can lead to killing for joy. Man loves competition, so when animals got "to easy" to kill, the general needed a bigger opponent.
Thank You For Your Time!!!
Rainsford is on a boat to go to Rio to hunt jaguars
He drops his cigar and goes to reach for it and falls off the boat
Rainsford swims to an island called Ship-Trap Island and meets General Zaroff and Ivan
The General than tells him that he hunts humans for fun

On the second day Rainsford uses traps and almost kills General Zaroff
On the third day Rainsford kills the hounds and Ivan then jumps into the ocean
General Zaroff goes back to his room where he meets Rainsford who swan around the island
Rainsford feeds General Zaroff to his hounds and falls asleep on his bed
He gives Rainsford a choice of either being whipped to death by Ivan or be hunted by the General
If Rainsford three days without getting killed by General Zaroff he will be set free
Rainsford is given a three hour head start and decides to hide in a tree
General Zaroff finds him but decides to let him live another day
Red and Darkness
The Island
The Bed
Man vs Man
- Rainsford vs General Zaroff
Man vs Nature
-Rainsford must face the challenges of the island
Man vs Self
-Rainsford's thoughts of eventually being hunted
Sanger Rainsford
Protagonist of the story
Changes from being confident to fearful
Highly intellectual, unsympathetic, brawny
Skilled in the art of hunting
Author of Hunting Snow Leopards in Tibet
General Zaroff
Antagonist of the story
Alive to Dead
High self esteem to a lowered self-esteem
Deceptive, immoral, wise and intelligent
Skillful hunter
Figurative Language

Rainsford falls off his boat and swims to the nearest island.
He meets a man on the island, General Zaroff.
Doesn't change
Congenial to Rainsford
Projection of Rainsford's conscience
Alive to dead
Dull and unsocial
Deaf muted
Cossack soldier
Does not think for himself
Situational Irony
- "The world is made up of two classes--the hunters and the huntees. Luckily, you and I are hunters" (Connell 1).
- The title "The Most Dangerous Game"
- "Outdoor Chess!" (Connell 11).
- "The revolver pointing as rigidly as if the giant were a statue"(Connell 4).
By Richard Connell
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