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HCI - Games Innovations

Learn what HCI innovations were born in games

David Beaumont

on 19 October 2010

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Transcript of HCI - Games Innovations

HCI - Games Innovations In the past, PC and Console games have been criticised for failing to use ‘proper’ HCI concepts.

Today, applications designers are looking at games for inspiration due to the many innovations in HCI provided by games.

Four of these specific innovations will be discussed:

Community Play
Learning by Watching
Deep Customisability
Fluid system-human interaction The driving force in games design:
User Performance
Novelty Community Games make it easy to form, join and participate in communities of users

Games are the only kind of software to embed forums and discussion into the user experience

Human driven interaction – fewer isolated ‘saddos’

Photoshop has over 140,000 discussion threads on one website but none of these can be accessed through the application itself

Games often provide single click access to these communities Learning by Watching An added benefit of community play
Multi-Player games provide strong support for this
Novice players may observe skilled players Deep Customisability Gamers consider modifying and extending the UI to be crucial to the experience

Games take an extreme view of interface customisation

Three innovative mechanisms:
Anything-Goes Malleability
Natural Extensibility
Portable Customisations vbnvvnvb vbnvbnvnv vbnvb vbnvbn
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