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Student Chef

No description

Cathy Park

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Student Chef

Student Chef! What should I cook for dinner? something that includes the food groups.... 1. Grain Products. 2. Vegetables and fruit
3. Dairy Products 4. Meat and alternatives Since I have to have grain products and since my family eats rice everyday...... I think I should cook 'kimchi fried rice' for my main dish! Let's See...
Kimchi Fried Rice... Rice Kimchi Ham Cheese Olive Oil Egg *Grain Product : Rice
*Vegetables & Fruit : Kimchi, apples, kiwis, orange, strawberries.
*Dairy Product : Cheese
*Meat & alternatives : Ham, eggs
Now For My Side Dish... Fruit Salad would be great!!! FRUIT SALAD Apples Kiwis Orange Mayonnaise Dessert should be... Strawberries with whipped cream!!! Strawberries (1 pack) Whipped Cream Beverage Orange Juice! $4.49 $4.99 $8.99 $7.99 $1.95 $5.79 Eggs (2) $1.95 $1.00 $0.67 $3.49 $0.94 $2.99 $3.99 $3.29 As For My Budget...... Eggs = $1.95 Mozzarella cheese = $8.99 Ham = $4.49 Kimchi (400g) = $4.99 Rice = $5.79 Olive oil = $7.99 Side Dish Main Dish Apples (2) = $0.94 Kiwis (2) = $1.00 Orange = $0.67 Mayonnaise = $3.49 Strawberries = $2.99 Whipped Cream = $3.99 Dessert Orange Juice = $3.29 Beverage My Total Price is... Kimchi = $4.99 Cheese = $8.99 Ham = $4.49 Rice = $5.79 Olive oil = $7.99 Eggs = $1.95 Apples = $0.94 Kiwis = $1.00 Orange = $0.67 Mayonnaise = $3.49 Strawberries = $2.99 Whipped cream = $3.99 Orange juice = $3.29 Total Price *Budget is $50.00 (for dinner) *My total price is $50.57 *57cents over budget Kimchi Cheese Olive Oil Egg Rice Ham Kiwis (2) Orange Mayonnaise Apples Apples (2) Images from
: Google Procedure!!! 1. Rinse the rice three times in cold water and put it in the electric rice cooker.
2. Chop the ham into smaller pieces and set it aside.
3. Remove water from kimchi by squeezing it with your hands.
4. Chop the kimchi into small pieces and set it aside.
5.Turn on the gas stove and put some olive oil on the pan.
6. Once the pan warms up, break two eggs, put it on the pan, and stir it. (In other words, make scrambled egg).
7. Turn on the gas stove again and stir-fry the chopped pieces of ham.
8. While stir-frying the ham, mix the chopped kimchi with the fried ham and stir-fry them together.
9. Put the fire on the simmer level and put two bowls of rice on the pan. After that, stir- fry everything together.
10. Put the scrambled egg on the pan and stir-fry everything.
11. Finally, put the cheese on the pan and stir-fry everything.
12. Turn off the gas stove and serve the food!
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