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How does social media affect self image for teens?

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Krista Von Feldt

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of How does social media affect self image for teens?

How does social media affect self image for teens?
First Article: Self-Image/Media Influences
Second Question: "How does social media (facebook) affect teen self-image?
Why self image
and social media?

First question: "Do girls/ peers influence how other girls perceive themselves?"
Bad question because it is a yes or no answer
Published in 2014 aiming towards students, parents and/or educators based on the information provided
"Just Say Yes"
Other articles they've written: "Just Say Yes Fruits and Vegtables" "Just Say Yes to Success" etc.
How can I narrow down my question to something better?
eating disorders(anorexia or bulimia)
drug/alcohol issues
cutting/bullying/sexual addiction
mental issues
Self Image issues can cause:
Overall, beauty is beyond what society shows us. Beyond media telling us our outer apperance is the most beautiful and to be skinny is the "right way" to live.
Back to first article
Second Article: What influences a person's self-esteem and body image?
Published on March 24th, 2010 aimed towards younger adults.
Why younger adults??
They talk about changing the way you think about yourself before it is "too late"
Author: 3FC (3 fat chicks on a diet)
-Weight watcher articles on how to maintain healthy lives and feel good in your own body.
What are the influences?
Adversisments are the largest culprit of body image and self-esteem. They show unrealisticly shaped women on every page/show. (including on social media pages)
Books are the same cause including sexy characters that are more popular than the reader is in their own life.
Miss Representation
(on netflix...)
*53% of 13 year old girls are unhappy with their bodies-- the number increases to 78% by age 17.
* American teenagers spend 31 hours a week watching TV, 17 hours a week listening to music, 3 hours a week watching movies, 4 hours a week reading magazines, and 10 hours a week online. That IS 10 hours and 45 minutes of media consumption EACH DAY.
Spending more than 10 hours a day on some kind of media, and having 78% of teen's hating their bodies may have something to do with the ads online?
We may have something!
Made In 2011
Back to the Library
"How has facebook progressed from 2004 until now?"
How has facebook progressed?
2004 facebook
*Only allowed college students at first, then high school users and as years went on the number went as low as people who said they were 13 years old.
*In 2005 Facebook had over 12.5 million dollars put into it.
2009 facebook
*Studies ranked facebook to be the number 1 used social networking system by worldwide monthly active users.
2012-2014 facebook
*In 2012, facebook was valued at 104 billion dollars
*At the end of January 2014, 1.23 billion users were active on the website every month.
*January 2014 they said facebook was not only a company, but it was starting to fulfill a vision of connecting the world.
Research Lab Day
My thoughts:

Was social media always an issue or did it only start with facebook?
Article Three: Social Media Affecting Self-Image
Authors: Judith Rabak-Wagener, JoAnn Eickoff-Shemek, and Lisa Kelly-Vance
Source: Journal of American College Health
Quotes from article:
2/3 women are unsatisified with their bodies (66%)
The mass marketing of body images through print media and television advertising has been well documented as a powerful force in creating the 90's perception of the tall, thin, and toned ideal for women.
Overall, mass marketing of the unrealistic body for women has been going on since at least 1998, creating this "unrealistic ideal body" for women of all ages, but affecting young adolesent teens.
Fourth Article: Social Network Sites and Young Adolescent Identity Development
Published in 2013
Geordy G. Reid and Wanda Boyer
Taylor & Francis Online
-Social networking sites are a dominant web presence that greatly influence the formation of individual identity among young adolescence.
-The extensive reach across the globe for facebook is making young users think harder about what they see online. Examples: unrealistic models and ads being shown.
Lastly, facebook allows young adolescents to "discover" themselves through several self-presentations.
(This basically says they are finding who they really are by basing it on who likes them and having them feel more popular via internet.)
In conclusion, social media (facebook) is not the only influence on self image. It is one of many main influences, but there are others as well, even before facebook was created.
Almost there...
Published in 1998
Lastly, facebook is an influence shown in the statistics of 66% of teens unsatisfied with their bodies growing towards 78% in today's society.
I am sure most teens love social media and that is exactly why so many of them are users. I, along with most people, am hoping to see these numbers drop, but that doesn't sound likely with how fast facebook continues to grow.
Self image of teens in today's society is a big issue right now. It interests me because finding the answer to why teens are so dissatisfied with their own bodies, may help someone in the future, and that would be enough for me.
As you will see later in the presentation, around 80% of teen females are dissatisfied with their bodies.
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