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Stage 1 (12:00) - Status Quo

No description

Eric Martin

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Stage 1 (12:00) - Status Quo

Stages of The Hero's Journey - The Epic of Gilgamesh
Stage 1 - Status Quo
Stage 2 - The Call to Adventure
In this stage of the hero's journey, he receives an often unexpected, sometimes mystical or symbolic call to action. A sign appears that urges the hero to act, venture, seek, or start a quest. The hero does not necessarily know what he must do, how he will do it, what he will encounter, or whether or not he will succeed.
Stage 3 - Assistance
At this stage of the journey, the hero is often dismayed about the risks and unknowns of the journey. He may lack the preparations, skills, training, or abiliities needed to complete the quest or satisfy the task. He turns to or receives advice, assistance, and/or support from a mentor figure. The mentor is often an older person who has undertaken a quest similar to the hero's own.
Stage 4 - Departure
In this stage of the journey, the hero crosses the threshold from the world of the familiar into the land of the unfamiliar. In leaving, the hero leaves behind what is known and what is safe. He may start this journey reluctantly or willingly, with courage or with fear. How he goes is less important than the fact that he goes and the reason why he goes.
Status quo describes the hero's situation or life at the beginning of a heroic quest. Status quo (Latin for "the state in which), describes the hero's normal or usual life as he or she is living when the story opens. The hero's status quo describes the way thing are and/or the way things always have been.

Stage 5 - Trials
During this stage of the journey, the hero performs difficult physical or mental tasks (i.e. slaying masters or solving riddles). He leans upon the training and teaching he has received. At this stage, the hero is in command, letting doubt or fear affect him only temporarily, if ever.
Stage 6 - Approach
The hero prepares for his greatest battle against a real or abstract opponent that is in many ways greater than himself. It is at this stage that the hero must summon all of his power to conquer what, in this enemy, lies his greatest fear. The outcome of the battle is uncertain, but the hero cannot hesitate or turn back.
Stage 7 - Crises
Things go pretty badly for our hero here. His or her quest has led to a crisis point. Here, our hero suffers some sort of serious wound, faces failure, actually dies, metaphorically dies, or faces death in an unexpected way. Any way you cut it, the quest has not turned out the way the hero expected, and he stands on the verge of absolute despair and/or failure.
Stage 8 - Treasure
Just when things were looking bleak and fatal for our hero, he is reborn, reinvigorated, and refreshed. He rejoins the fight or quest and is rewarded with treasure! Note - treasure may be actual, glorious, material treasure or an equally glorious yet much less shiny metaphorical treasure (knowledge, an answer, a power, a second chance). This spells v-i-c-t-o-r-y!
Stage 9 - Result
What happens to the hero as a result of gaining the treasure? Does he win control over his enemies? Does he gain respect? Is he chased after by those seeking to recapture the treasure? Is he forced to engage in another battle to keep what he has earned? This stage is the immediate aftermath of his previous victory - sometimes good, sometimes cause for a new set of problems.
Stage 10 - Return
It is at this stage that the hero is prepared to return home. He has, in some way (not necessarily according to the original plan), fulfilled or finished the quest. He goes home from the unknown and unfamiliar world back to his ordinary and familiar world. Is he still the same person he was when he left? Hmmmm....
Stage 11 - The New Status Quo
The quest has changed the hero. The old problems and issues that have plagued the hero have, in some way, been solved. The hero emerges a better, improved person as a result of the quest, the trials faced, the victories won, and the lessons learned. The world may be the same as when the hero left it (for the most part), but the hero is anything but the same. He is better than before, and the quest is the reason why!
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