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The Giver

No description

leyssie thiersaint

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of The Giver

By: Leyssie Thiersaint,Itchell Banegas,
Kimiah McDonald,Shannon Lyons
The Giver
An image that represents something with deeper meaning. Colors also symbolize larger ideas
a literary device that references a historic bible or political figure.
Comfort object-stuffed animal
Ceremony-or the meeting which dictates to the children what they will do for the next year.
Transgression- crime
A more polite way of saying something that might offend someone.
The Giver
Uncertainty or inexactness of meaning in language.
Differences from the movie and the book
Asher's job in the movie is to be a Drone Pilot and in the book he is the Assistant Director of Recreation.
Fiona's job in the movie is to be a Nurturer but in the book it was suppose to be The Caretaker of the Old.
Jonas kissed Fiona
Jonas punched Asher
Jonas tried to give Fiona memory in the movie
The first color Jonas sees in the book is red but in the movie it is green from the trees
The first color that jonas notices is red . Red means , energy,passion,and action .
Fiona's red hair is the first thing he notices In the movie. Meaning that he would have feelings for her, but also danger, she was almost released.
Comfort Object

The Color Red
The color red symbolizes energy, passion, fire, and action.
For Example:
Euphemisms and proper language are used in the movie and in the book.
The name Jonas is a variation of the name Jonah. In the Bible, the prophet Jonah was commissioned by God to proclaim judgement on a sinful city and in the book jonas was a very important person in his community and both of them had to do a special job.
Gabriel in the book and Gabriel the angel, job was to announce that Jesus Christ is coming and to tell Mary that she is going to give birth to a baby boy.
Pale Eyes
Both Jonas and Gabriel have pale eyes


Pale Eyes symbolized wisdom, forbidden knowledge, and pain.

All who had pale eyes will become the next Reciever of Memory

Rosemary is a herb which enhances memory. It is a perfect name for the Receiver of Memory because as the Receiver of Memory The Giver passes his memory onto her to train the next Receiver.
First color he saw was Fiona's hair in the movie.
Color Red Scene
Fiona and Jonas sled down the solar pane
Jonas transmitted the elephant memory to Gabriel.
Fiona is going to get release
The Giver talk to the Chief Elder about love
instead of taking a pill they take an injection
Asher saw when Jonas was about to leave
Delivering Theme
Theme: Perfection is just another imperfection
This theme leads to the book the giver because the Chief Elder is trying so much for the community to be a utopian community but she does not realize that making mistakes and being curious is part of our nature.
Infrencing Reading Strategy
We have to infer more in the book because in the movie you can see everything and don't have to think about anything but in the book it keeps you guessing and saying in your head what is going to happen next.Another reason that you have to inference more in the book is because at the end of the book a lot of people thought that Jonas and Gabriel died but in the movie it clearly states that Jonas and Gabriel survived in the end of the movie
Reading Strategy- Inferencing

In the book
Love, knowledge, wisdom, luxury, but also deceitfulness and blood
The first thing jonas notices is the apple in the book which also means foreshadowing.
This is Lois Lowry's author's craft.
In the book ......
The students make educated guesses which make the reader engage to the book,infering and discovering little details that sometimes movies ignore.
The movie....
The movie gives the spectator what they want,
action, passion,and a very futuristic look more than in the book.
We liked the book better because we like to keep guessing what happens next instead of watching it .
What did we decide book/movie

allusions are always implicit.
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