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Dance Analysis- Ghost Dances

Ghost Dances by Christopher Bruce

Ann-Maree Long

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Dance Analysis- Ghost Dances

Good morning everyone!

'On Pointe!' On Pointe Christopher Bruce- Ghost Dances! Born in 1945, Leicester

One of the UK's leading choreographers

Dance rehabilitation method to treat his his low motor neuron disorder caused by Poliomyelitis, better known as Polio

Influenced by the approaches of Norman Morrice, Anna Sokolow and Marie Rambert

Predominately a modern dancer/choreographer, he is currently Artistic Director of the largest contemporary dance company in the UK, the Rambert Dance Company. “Social and political themes emerge naturally as a reflection of his own concerns, although his aim is always firstly to create a piece of dance, rather than to make a statement” (Sweeney, Stuart. 1999) It doesn’t matter how many times you knock people down, they’ll get up again” (Bruce, Christopher. 1991). Dancers: Three male Caucasian ghost dancers.

Costumes: Dread locked hair, masked Bolivian, body paint that emphasizes the muscular and skeletal structure, dark loin cloths, tasseled arm/leg bands and bare feet. It was a Chillean tragedy that drew him to produce Ghost Dances.

He took the theme- the Day of the Dead as a basic inspiration for creating the piece. FIRST SECTION SECOND SECTION: THIRD SECTION: FOURTH SECTION: FIFTH SECTION: SIXTH SECTION: Questioning barre! Danceworks: http://www.lookandfeel.uk.com/danceworks/public_html/sidesteps/companies/rambert_ghostdances.htm
Date Accessed: 17/09/12 BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningzone/clips/an-insight-into-christopher-bruces-ghost-dances/10756.html
Date Accessed: 14/09/12. Question 1:
What do the skulls in the costume symbolise?
(A) Death and rebirth
(B) The devil's spirit
(C) Tribal significance

Question 2:

The inspiration behind the work is from which Chilean theme?
(A) Day of the Dead
(B) Independence Day
(C) Fiesta de Cuasimodo Question 3:

What medical condition was Bruce diagnosed with at a young age and how was it overcome?
(A) Spina Bifida, overcome by recreational therapy
(B) Polio, overcome by physiotherapy
(C) Poliomyelitis, overcome by dance therapy Question 4: What other interpretations do you as an audience member have on Ghost Dances? What other interpretations could be made?
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