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Roger Barlow

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of Masterclasses

how it all began Talks to schools Words and slides Heated discussion with Ken Long about PUS (now Outreach) Small audiences Time absorbing They come to us Lecture to 200 at a time Star attractions Activities - PC clusters And they have flourished More than just talks. Use of PC clusters to get particpants active. Real Research
Central organisation spreads the load - but each has individual variations
National scheme focusses publicity
Annual scheme so it's in our calendar
Link to IoP HEPP group conference The idea is born 17 October 1996 IoP HEPP group committee meeting in London. Limited takeup Whole day event Lack of demonstrations Problem Solution 5th December 1996 Masterclasses! Name chosen with some trepidation. Pretentious? Discussion continues by email. Ideas refined HEPP committee meeting in Cambridge 15th January 1997 The idea takes off Manchester and Imperial on board Oxford, Durham + Liverpool sign up 13th February 1997 Plans take shape Planning meeting in Manchester Christine Sutton (PPARC Liaison)
Vince Smith
Tim Greenshaw
Elizabeth Swinbank (York)
Teacher from MGS
+others (Swansea, Durham..) General Format
Lancaster software package
Terry Wyatt's interesting events
Video of star talks
Publicity, Goody bags, etc 8th April 1997 Cambridge HEPP conference Video of Talks by Hawking and Close to local school audience
(Technical and copyright problems! Handled by Ken Long) Terry and I had spent many hours looking at what should have been simple OPAL events: muon pairs and suchlike, which had been complicated by converting photons, broken tracks, etc. This eventually became the great acoplanar leptons paper. Terry's program reflects these hours of soul-searching, and justfies my often-repeated claim that this is almost real research 11th April 1997 Nationwide uptake Almost real research Great success "Get in early and copy attendance certificates and disks full of programs. Kirsty slightly hassled but we assemble it all and people turn up. All goes well except lunch - long queues and no food for those coming last- Terry takes them off and finds something. Cluster works great, and Robin and Terry give nice talks. Kids co-operate and teachers are enthusiastic and appreciative. Not enough mixing and asking questions thoug, I feel. But well worth the trouble overall." Manchester
Swansea The year after (1998) First Masterclasses HEPP group newsletter
January 1998 ~Every HEP group ran a masterclass
(RAL and DL followed)

And has done ever since Continued strong support and national coordination from HEPP group (Val Gibson) and PPARC (Andrew Morrison)
(But not money. They offered, we didn't want it.) All sorts of people took part (Durham, 2002, opening of the Ogden centre) And the idea spread to enthusiasts abroad LEP events updated to Tevatron and LHC Roger Barlow: Huddersfield University
Birmingham half day meeting, February 9th 2011 Many thousands of school pupils have participated Final thoughts: success down to
Pupils learning through activity:
"I hear, and I forget.
I see, and I remember.
I do, and I understand." Think Globally, act locally.
National(+) scheme
but each individual
Masterclass is a local
event run and controlled
by local people Having fun
Driven by the energy
and enthusiasm
of many individuals

No aims, objectives, milestones or deliverables
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