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The Woman in Black - Chapter 7

No description

Alexandra Whitaker

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of The Woman in Black - Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Summary Kipps wake up and tells himself that he's going to take the next train home
He talks to the landlord who offers Kipps the use of his bike
Kipps then goes to Mr Jerome in search of assistance with the paperwork, but he is refused help
He decides not to run away, but to instead return to Eel Marsh House and finish his work
He then goes on a bike ride to settle his thoughts and briefly encounters the sea frets again Settings Gothic Elements Other Characters Kipps The general description of settings in this chapter are quite bleak and feel empty and isolated, even if they are describing a pleasant scene;

'the place was silent, the outer waiting room dingy and empty...'
'...those glistening, beckoning, silver marshes with the sky pale at the horizon...' The gothic elements in this chapter are explored a lot through description of the buildings.

'...went over to the narrow window to look out the dirty pane onto the houses opposite and down into the quiet lane below'

One eiree moment in the chapter is when Kipps goes for a bike ride and is met by the sea mists. He goes slightly light-headed which could be an unexplained supernatural event, fitting with the gothic theme. In this chapter, Kipps contemplates leaving the village so as to have no involvement with the Woman in Black. This shows that his attitude to the ghosts has definitely changed since the earlier chapters. However, he understands the importance of his work. This could show that he is either still trying to be rational (even though he saw the Woman in Black) he is highly devoted to his work, or he is afraid of the consequences of not finishing his work. However, he is still hesitant.

'...and I doubt if the woman in black can have any anumosity towards me'
'I could not run from that place, I could have to go back to it, not now, but soon...' Other characters in the chapter include the Mr Jerome and the landlord, who have different attitudes towards Kipps' intentions, althought they feel similar about the dangers of him staying in the village.

Mr Jerome refuses to help Kipps
'I'm afraid I can't offer you help, Mr Kipps'

Whereas the landlord is more helpful, lending Kipps his bike
'...he said suddenly with a smile 'I can lend you a good stout bicycle.''
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