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Cirque du Soleil

No description

Domen Copic

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil Founded in 1984 by a Troupe of 73 Street Performers No. of employees: 2100
No. of artists: 500 (40 nationalities)
375 Shows per Year
30 Million Spectators since 1984 One owner (Guy Laliberté) - used to be a clown Facts Decision Making The Issues Diagnosis Alternatives Option Selection Course of Action 1. What Business Strategy should
Cirque du Soleil pursue to keep
the Magic of Circus Worldwide?

2. What leadership should Cirque
du Soleil pursue to keep
the Magic of Circus Worldwide? Evidence Whole Business is Run by the Owner Saturation of Main Markets Competition and Business Model Copying High Costs of World Tours Running Low on Original Talent GROW THE BUSINESS 1. Grow to other markets More Sales / Profit – Bigger Population Targeted 2. Decentralization More Flexibility
Easier Control
Decrease Time to Market Fast Growth
Main Market Saturation
Competition Problem
Missing the Extra Profit
Copying of Cirque Business Model Inflexibility
Slow Changes
Slow Development
Reluctant to Enter Distant New Markets
Successor Issue
Inconsistent Vision Issue 1 Fundamental Causes Consequences Criteria Option Pros Cons Sales / Profit

Sales / Profit Diversification Increasing Profit
Brand Building Losing Team Spirit
Losing Focus on Quality / Magic Threat of Burning out the Talents
Problem with Existing Centralized Market Expand to new markets New Audience
More Sales Profit
Attracting New Talents Fast Growth Criteria Option Pros Cons Organizational

Organizational Decentralization More Flexibility
Easier Control
Decrease Time to Market Losing the Original Vision
Losing Track of the Core Business
Losing Innovative Artistic Soul Losing Enthusiasm
Keeping the Problem Develop / Coach a Successor Keep the Spirit
Keep the Magic / Core Business Leadership Research of Potential Markets

Increase Brand Awareness

Establish Business Units

Increase Artists’ Recruitment Marketing Budget


New Headquarters

Recruitment Budget Marketing Department

Marketing Department


Recruitment Manager 6 months

3 months

3 months

3 months What Resources Who When The Team Groups 1 & 2 Alenka Vrhovc
Darja Zajc
Gordana Zonjić
Ranka Tomljenović
Ula Barišić
Igor Maher
Ivan Paladin
Antonio Širjan
Igor Belošić
Denis Marić
Domen Copič The Shows The Artists Issue 2 Fundamental Causes Consequences Autocratic Leadership
All is Run by the Owner – One Man Band Leadership Audience is Losing Interest
Profit Losses
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