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Mariah Kruse

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Literature

Famous poems 1920s
Many young man went to war and died or came home wounded with a lack of faith and where hope was no longer intact, leaving them "lost". That's when the Lost Generation came about a group was made up of men and women who where eaither poets or writers around this time period
Popular Authors & Books in the 1920s
F. Scott Fitzgerald- "The Great Gatsby"
Edith Wharton- "The Age Of Innocence"

Sinclair Lewis- "Main Street"
D.H. Lawrence- "Lady Chatterley's Love"
T.S. Eliot- "
Ezra Pound- "
Eugene O'Neill- Play write "A Long Days Journey Into Night"
H.G. Wells- "The War of the Worlds"
Robert Frost- "The Road Not Taken"
Ernest Hemingway- "The Old Man and the Sea"
Gertrude Stein- "The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas"
H.L. Mencken- "The American Language"
Some Mark Twain's work was critically reviewed in the 1920's.
Books That Define the Period
The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot
The New Negro by Alain Locke
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Strange Interlude by Eugene O'Neill
The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway
Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis
The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner
Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston
jazz poetry
There was a big evolution of jazz music and poetry. So musicians mixed it and it became Jazz Music.
Dorothy Parker:
the author who, "wrote poetry like an angel and criticism like a friend.

Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acid stains you;
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren’t lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live.

Reading was a popular recreational activity especially during the winter months when other forms of activity were limited.

Prior to radio and television most people gained knowledge of the wider world and current events through printed material.

Consequently books, newspapers and magazines were an important part of most peoples lives and formed a large part of their wider education.
in the
The lost generation writers
A famous group was:The weary blues
Ex: "Me an ma baby's
Got two mo' ways,
Two mo' ways to do de Charleston!"
Da, da,
Da, da, da!
Two mo' ways to do de Charleston!
Well Known Books today
Common themes that these writers wrote about were Gender roles and Impotence, and Idealised past.
Famous Poets
Robert Frost

T. S. Eliot

Robert Penn Warren
Best known writers amongst the lost generation
F Scott Fitzgerald

Ernest Hemingway

John Dos Passos
Literary Themes

Breaking tradition
Changing gender roles
Effects of WW1 on society
Harlem Renaissance
Jazz Age
Death of innocence
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