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Referrals - Portal + Hubspot

A look at how our new portal, strategy and tools mean focus and potential for growing referrals by attracting more leads

Jonathan Gerstein

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Referrals - Portal + Hubspot

Presented to VP’s & Execs

Dec 13, 2012 | Jonathan Gerstein

Types of Referrals
No Centralized Tracking

Affiliates have no visibility into the status of a referral

Lots of manual work on behalf of affiliates – even when there’s
no potential revenue for CIRE.
Performing Referrals
Attracting Referrals
Referral Portal

What CIRE offers
* Communication across all parties
* Phone-in referral
* Reporting
* Service that is white-glove

What’s in it for CIRE?
* $$ - Revenue share of referral fee for each referral placed under the managed service.
Managed Service
Inbound Marketing
But, traditional is..
The Playbook...
Traditional Marketing

………..is hard to track

………..is expensive

………..doesn’t always arrive to the intended recipient

………..is slow

………..isn’t always relevant
Inbound Marketing
The 3 Steps to Success
Get Found
Build Trust
The strategy of attracting an audience looking for your service or product.
Relevant Content
Thought Leadership
White Paper / Report
Lead Nurturing
Email Drip Campaign
Lead Routing
Call / Referral
Analyze and Improve
What's HubSpot?
What HubSpot Offers
The Vision
Most Real Estate
Web Sites are the same
...because they target this person:
I am a prospective buyer

I will browse for a home

If interested in a property, I will make contact
...but we'll target this person:
I am interesting in listing and/or buying

I am a discriminating consumer
I need to trust the business

I want concierge / white glove treatment

I expect a high level of personal service
1) Re-Platform the News Center.
Hubspot will host our News Center making it simpler to share articles and employ best practices in article creation. Additionally, it should be simpler to re-purpose content from other sources.

2) Adopt inbound marketing strategy to focus on capturing top-of-funnel leads.
Most real estate web sites are simply online property catalogs. Our website should highlight the properties but also serve the top-of-funnel prospects who desire information or concierge service.

3) Position CIRE's digital presence as a thought leader in the luxury real estate space.
This includes more articles on trends & topics from our VP's / Seniors and white-papers & e-books. Creating these types of materials will increase the interest, reach, and confidence amongst our site visitors.

4) Create an Affinity Marketing Program.
We have the opportunity to resell Hubspot to affiliates who are interested in using the tool and learning best practices on use from CIRE. While Hubspot will be doing a majority of the legwork in sales, it will be CIRE who introduces the partnership with Hubspot.
Project Goals
Measurable Objectives
1) Within 10mo, increase the number of total leads by 25% at a fixed cost at least 50% under current online campaign lead generating efforts.

2) Within 10mo, increase readership of articles and audience reach of articles by 25%.

3) On a monthly basis, create 1 Landing Page / Ebook, 2 News Center Posts, 4 Facebook
Posts, and 8 Tweets specific to lead capturing / nurturing.
Next Steps

Contact Us on Homepage to start...DONE

Consultant to help get project moving

New Email Discussion

Content Schedule

Campaign Schedule

Campaign Kickoff and Handover
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