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Sex & Affection

No description

Itzel Garcia De Alba

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Sex & Affection

Why did we choose sex and affection?
Sigmund Freud
Stages of sexual development

Societal Implications

"..for there would be no prospect of curbing the sexual lusts of adults if the ground had not been prepared for it in childhood." -Freud

"The making conscious of repressed sexual desires in analysis makes it possible, on the the contrary to obtain a mastery over them which the previous repression had been unable to achieve." -Freud

"... in the decline of ancient civilizations, love became worthless and life empty " -Freud

Neurotic patients
Early childhood sexual experiences -- related symptoms
Stood for "incomparably freer sexual life" .
Yet personally stayed faithful
Believed to have remained a virgin to marriage
Struggled with temptations
First became infatuated with Frau Fluss and then her. daughter, Gisela Fluss
Held to social norms
Married Martha Bernays on September 13, 1886
Strict with his own children
Didn't allow Anne to marry

C.S. Lewis
Sex & Affection

"The Talk"
Sexuality vs. Genitals
“When you look at people’s behavior, their one purpose in life is to be happy and that sexual (genital) love is the prototype of all happiness “
Sexual Satiation - Happiness?

Freud's Personal Beliefs & Life

Freud and Lewis
Analyze the overarching seriousness regarding sex.
Group discussions-What is serious exactly? What parts of sexual activity need to be treated seriously and what doesn't?
Media has influenced society regarding sex. How do you think society's thoughts on sex has changed, or has not changed throughout history?
Should gender roles matter within society, should women and men be treated equally?
Heterosexuality and homosexuality
“When you look at people’s behavior, their one purpose in life is to be happy and that sexual (genital) love is the prototype of all happiness “ -Freud
Oedipus Complex

"Oedipus and the Sphinx", by Gustave Moreau, (1864)
Freud inspected himself- found he was jealous of his father and loved his mother.
Freud was criticized by many because of this theory
Biblical thoughts on Sexuality
"[The New Testament especially ] thoroughly approves of the body... glorifies marriage.. believes that matter is good, that God himself once took on a human body..." -Lewis

Materialist vs. Biblical
Psychoanalysis is in no conflict with moral law
Both believe sex is natural human subject of study
Not sinful but the lack of control is what's unhealthy
Being faithful is ultimate goal
Both agree being faithful can be difficult
Ultimate sexual goal- Happiness?
"Either marriage with complete faithfulness to your partner or else total abstinence." -Lewis
Does this strict standard increase the pleasure and fulfillment of sex and decrease its confusion and pain? (p.138)
Societal Implications
"I think the human race originally hushed it up because it had become such a mess." -Lewis
Repressed sexuality does not appear to the patient to be sexuality at all." -Lewis
"[A man in love wants] ...not a woman, but one particular woman. In some mysterious but quite indisputable fashion the loved desires the Beloved herself not the pleasure she can give." -Lewis
Lack of control is what is unhealthy.
Surrender to desire leads to jealousy, lies, concealment and unhealthy choices.
Lewis' Personal Beliefs & Life

Experienced sexual arousal at early age
Struggle with temptation
16 yrs old- Infatuated Belgian girl
Felt no "real" guilt over sexual thoughts until conversion to Christianity
God guided him to the correct way of sexual thinking
Married Joy Davidman on Dec 24, 1956
Fell in unconditional love

Sex, Love, Marriage & Christianity

What are your personal beliefs in regards to premarital sex?
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