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The Shakespeare Stealer; A Book Report

My Book Report...

Rohil Gupta

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of The Shakespeare Stealer; A Book Report

Summary #2 After losing his transcribed copy of the play, Widge becomes a player for the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. As time goes on, Widge starts to enjoy the play and he starts to make new friends, like Sander and Julian. He starts to love his new “family” and doesn’t want to betray them.
After reaching a contract with Falconer, Nick, a former theatre member, sneaks into the Globe and steals the playbook. In an attempt to retrieve the book, Widge and Mr. Armin pursue Nick and Falconer. Mr. Armin ends up in a duel with Falconer while Widge steaks the book. Mr. Armin ends up killing Falconer. On his death bed, Falconer reveals himself to be Mr. Simon Bass.
After weeks and weeks, Julian or, now known as her real name, Julia, meets the theatre on the street. She tells them she will be going to France to be a player, since they allow women to be on stage there. Widge sheds tears for Julia.
Widge admits his past the company. He informs them that he had actually come to the theatre to transcribe or steal the play for the Lord Admiral’s Men, the theatre’s opposition. He accepts any punishment they declare, even if that means leaving his family.
After discussion, the theatre decides to keep Widge, as he is not only a promising player but also a trustworthy person, since he had not actually stolen or transcribed anything even when he had the chance.
Overall, throughout the book, Widge slowly learns the real meaning of words like honesty, trust, loyalty, friendship, family and home. Summary #1 Widge is adopted by Dr. Timothy Bright at age seven and moves to Berwick. He learns how to read and write multiple languages. These languages include English, Latin and Charactery, a language made by Dr. Bright himself that enables the writer to “transcribe the spoken word as rapidly as it issues from the tongue.”
At age fourteen, a mysterious hooded person, later known as Falconer, claims Widge for ten pounds of currency. The two travel over to Leicester and Widge meets his real master, Simon Bass. Mr. Bass gives Widge a simple mission, to use his art of charactery to travel to London with Falconer and attend a performance and transcribe The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. The Setting The Shakespeare Stealer is based in London, England. This happens around 1587, around the time of Shakespeare. Breakdown of the Plot Points #1 Main Conflict and Resolution The main conlict is that Widge is sent to London, England to attend and transcribe Shakespeare’s play in charactery. This gets more complicated as the table-book with the transcribed play is stolen and Widge joins the Chamberlain’s Men in order to find it. This plan fails as he slowly starts to make close friends. As time progresses, Widge becomes a close member of the theatre and he chooses not to steal or transcribe the play anymore. But Falconer, aka Mr. Simon Bass, tries to make sure this doesn’t happen…
The resolution, or final outcome, is that Falconer ends up persuading Nick, a former theatre player, to steal the playbook. Nick gets persuaded and steals the book and runs. Widge and Mr. Armin follow him. They manage to cut off Falconer at Aldersgate on his way to Leicester. While Falconer and Mr. Armin duel, Widge grabs the book. At last, Mr. Armin delivers a fatal blow to Falconer, and he dies. A Book Report... The Shakespeare Stealer Widge is born on the year of the Lord 1587, the twenty-ninth reign of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. His mother died shortly after his birth and he knows nothing of his father. Widge is a shaky character. He never trusts himself and others. This is due to the fact that Widge has spent the first seven years of his life in an orphanage. His first impressions are not the best. Character Sketch If I were to choose an alternate ending, I would continue the story by letting Falconer escape. Letting this happen would mean that Falconer would've stolen the playbook by killing Mr. Armin or Widge, or both. This would mean that the play has been stolen and the main character has been killed. It would not be a happy ending. This would have rippling effects because the author would have to create a new main character if he wanted to create a new book in the series. Alternate Ending Chapter 1
- Widge is born on the year of our Lord 1587, the twenty-ninth reign of Queen Elizabeth's reign. He stays in an orphanage.
- When was seven, becomes apprentice to Dr. Timothy Bright and moved to Berwick. Learns how to read and write English, Latin and Charactery, which is made by Dr. Bright.
- He learned this so he could keep scientific notes, transcribe weekly sermons and go to neighboring parishes to copy other rectors' sermons.
Chapter 2
- When was fourteen, mysterious person with hood on head claimed him for ten pounds of currency.

Chapter 3
- Falconer duels some bandits.

Chapter 4
- They arrive at a house and stable in Leicester. Widge is introduced to his real master, Simon Bass Breakdown of the Plot Points #2 Chapter 5
- Simon tells Widge his assignment: to go to London, attend a performance called The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark and copy it in charactery and deliver it to his master.

Chapter 6
- Falconer (the mysterious man) and Widge set off for London.

Chapter 7
- Falconer gives Widge a penny and sends him into the theatre alone
- Widge gets confused as the players attack their lines and many players come on stage.
- He gets caught up with the play and it seems less important to him to copy down the lines than to find out what these people are going to say or do next. His petty mission no longer matters.
- After the play is finished, Widge gets worried as he has not copied down all of the lines. Breakdown of the Plot Points #3 Chapter 8
- He approaches Falconer and tells him got almost all the lines (50 left) but crowd was noisy. Falconer tells him to go back on Friday and finish getting all the lines.
Chapter 9
- When they get to the theatre, falconer tells him to go the players entrance and note down every word. Widge notes down every word he had not copied down the previous day.
- He manages to escape throughout the rear door, after making the cannoneer miss his shot. Widge doesn't see Falconer and runs around playhouse.
- Someone jostles him from behind. He turns around and sees a thin fellow with a red nose and a scraggly beard.
- To assure himself that the wallet is still there, pats pocket, which feels flat and empty. He gets worried. Open wallet and finds the table book missing.... Breakdown of the Plot Points #4 Chapter 10
- Widge retraces his steps and checks carefully. He ends up going inside the theatre again.
- He falls as back door is flung open by Thomas Pope, who eventually adopts him. He is taken into the theatre.
- Out of desperation, he tells them he wanted to see the play, had no penny, has no master, and wants to be a player.
- Widge joins the Lord Chamberlain's Company to retrieve table-book, transcribe the play, or steal the theaters copy
Chapter 11
- Meets Alexander Cooke (Sander) and Mistress Willingson (housekeeper)

Chapter 12
- Widge realizes the man in crowd with the smile had stolen the script.

Chapter 13
- He visits Saint Paul's, a cathedral. Widge believes he is now at the center of the center of the universe. Breakdown of the Plot Points #5 Chapter 14
- Widge gets given the playbook in his hands, he thinks about walking out with it.

Chapter 15
- Gets book taken away.

Chapter 16
- He learns Simon Bass was in the Chamberlain's Men, but was kicked out. He later became the leader of The Lord Admiral's Men. Mr. Bass is apparently a jew and his actual name is Simon Bashevi.
- Widge is stalked from home and is kidnapped.

Chapter 17
- He meets Falconer when he wakes up. Falconer tells him to have the playbook by night. Breakdown of the Plot Points #6 Chapter 18
- He tries to look in the trunks for the book, hears footsteps and hides. After silence, hears the door close and realizes he has been locked in.
- He is unlocked in the morning and tells the players that his master came to get him and he somehow escaped.
- Mr. Hemings asks Widge to meet him in the property room. Widge gets concerned that Mr. Hemings might know about his attempt at theft.
Chapter 19
- Mr. Hemings tells him that he is safe and secure, and that if Widge's master comes back, the theatre will pay the obligation fee.
- Julian and Sander, Widge's friends, discover his talent of charactery.

Chapter 20
- The theatre troupe is commanded to the present the play The Tragedy of Hamlet in Whitehall (the royal court).
- They learn Julian is a girl, actually named Julia.

Chapter 21
- Sander and Widge go to find Nick, as an hour is left before performance. Nick and his university friend start fighting when his friend laughs at Nick because he has been dueling with a girl. The student almost kills Nick.

Chapter 22
- Widge learns he has to play Ophelia's role, which used to be played by Julia.

Chapter 23
- Widge does a good job on his role
- He bows to the Queen
Breakdown of the Plot Points #7 Chapter 24
- Sander and Widge go to find Nick again. When they find him, he is talking to Falconer.
- Widge tells Sander about Falconer and Simon Bass. They go back and say they didn't find Nick
- Nick enters the theatre the following afternoon in a suspicious way. No one sees him. Widge sees Nick holding the play book in his hand through a crack in the door. He is bent over the property trunk.

Chapter 25
- Nick sees Widge and he runs away. Mr. Armin and Widge go after him.

Chapter 26
- They go to Aldersgate to cut off Falconer on his way to Leicester.
- Mr. Armin and Falconer duel. Widge grabs the playbook.

Chapter 27
- Falconer is struck by a deadly blow and starts to terribly bleed. He reveals himself to be Mr. bass and then dies.
- After Widge tells The Chamberlain's Men the truth about himself, they let Widge stay
- A week before christmas, Julia reappears and she tells them she will be going to France to be a player, since they allow women on stage there. Widge cries for Julia.
- In London, Widge has learned fencing terms, Londoner language and the meaning of honesty, trust, loyalty friendship, family and home.
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