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Chemistry 20 Gas Laws Project

No description

Jessica Nguyen

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Chemistry 20 Gas Laws Project

Chemistry 20 Gas Laws Project

By:Jessica Nguyen

ideal gas law
Hot air balloon uses two gas laws which is Charles law and ideal gas law
The heated air inside the envelope (the large bag) is at roughly the same pressure as the outside air.
The ideal gas law gives the relationship between pressure, volume, and temperatrure. The gas stays constant.
Charles's law
Charles's law- Temperature of a gas increases and volume also increases as well. While the pressure stays constant. As the heat increases the air, the same amount of molecules take up more space. The molecules are constantly moving around freely. If the gas expands when heated, then a given weight of hot air occupies a larger volume than the same weight of cold air. Hot air is less dense than cold air. When the hot air balloon is hot enough, the weight of carrying the people or goods in the wicker basket of the hot air balloon plus the hot air is less than the weight of an equivalent volume of cold air. This will make the hot air balloon rise. When the gas in the balloon is cool the balloon will go down returning the ground. (5)

how does a hot air balloon work?
To create lift a hot air balloon consists a large bag called an envelope with a wicker basket underneath holding the envelope. A burner sits in the basket and used to heat the air inside the envelope through an opening. This heated air generates lift.(4)
Using ideal gas law to explain why a how air balloon floats.
Ideal gas law when heated a gas under constant pressure it will expand the the hot air balloon. In a hot air balloon the air is heat in a non-rigid container, but in a balloon it will expand; the pressure is under the atmospheric pressure. The expanding gas will have a lower density and will therefore be buoyant in air there able to lift a balloon(4)
relating to Charles law. According to Charles law as the air continues to heat up it will expand.( the balloon has a fixed volume meaning that the extra volume will flows out to the hole of the skirt of the hot air balloon)


Did you know that you can cool yourself to -273.15˚C and still be 0k?
Starting the prezi with a joke!


what is it like flying a hot air balloon?
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