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The Tell-Tale Heart

No description

patrica chan

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of The Tell-Tale Heart

The Tell-Tale Heart By:Edgar Allan Poe The Element Of Fiction Plot, Setting, Character, Conflict, Symbol, and Point of view
are the main elements which fiction writers use to develop
a story and its Theme. Edgar Allan Poe He was born in Boston in Janauary 19, 1890.
Died in October 7, 1849 in Baltimore, Maryland.
He was a American author, poet, editor and literary critic.
He attended the University of Virginia to study languages.
He married his 13-years old cousin. A plot plot diagram introduction complicating Incident Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Rising Action: The men is telling about how he every night goes to the room of the men with the evil eye to murder him. He try couple of times but when the man closed his eyes the mad man can't see it and than he can't murder the man. Climax: But one night (the seventh night) he could hear the beating of the old man's heart and then
he went mad and he attacked the man and pulled the heavy bed over him. And he killed the man. Falling Action: After the mad man killed the old men. The mad man cut the body of the old man into pieces and hided it in the wooden floor. So that no one could ever find it. Resolution: The neighbors had heard the noise that the men made and called the police. The Police comes inside the house of the man, and at first the mad man does everything alright, but at the end he could hear the sound of the old mans heart and he is getting crazy. He admitted that he murdered the old man and he shows them the body. Introduction: A man tells that he isn't mad. He also tell about how he killed a old man with a hideous eyes. Conflict Internal conflict: Because the man is mad. He is getting crazy when he sees the evil eye of the old men and he is planning to kill him. The man thinks he is not mad for doing this. Man vs. Himself: He is planning to kill an innocent man, only because he has an evil eye. And he thinks that this is a normal thing to do. But when the old man has his eyes closed he can't murder him. Character the most important character is the " mad man" the only thing he thinks about is how he could kill the man with the evil eye. Because it scares him so much. He says to the readers that he isn't mad, but in the story it is very clear that he is. He can't stand tension and at the end of the story he killed the man and cut his body into pieces and hided it under the floor. But he could still hear the heart of the dead man and this shows that he is going mad after what he has done Setting Place: an old house in England
Time: Mostly at night
Social conditions: two men in a house in a neighborhood
Mood: gloomy suspect Point Of View First Person : The writer used the words "I" and "ME" the reader sees the story through the eyes of the main character and only knows that he feels or thinks. like when he killed the old man or why he killed the man. Theme The guilt of the narrator is a major theme in The Tell- Tale Heart. The story is about a mad person who, after killing a companion for no apparent reason, hears an interminable heartbeat and releases his overwhelming sense of guilt by shouting his confession to the police Symbols The symbols of the story are the heart, lamp and the eye refereed as the "evil eye". The heartbeat represents the guilt the crazy guy felt when he killed the old man that had never wronged him in anyway. The lamp represents the truth, the truth that the old man was never evil. And lastly the eye represents evil to the crazy man. This story teaches the reader how guilt can be haunting and dark secret come back no matter how far deep you hide them, they always come back. Summary Of The Story There was a madman who thought he was not insane.
He tried to kill the old man. But the mad man didn't
have any reason to kill him, just because the old man's
eyes made him feel scared, He thought they are
"Devil eyes". So the mad man planned to kill
the old man. He treated the old man very well during
the whole week before he killed the old man, Every night, about mid-night, The mad man turned the latch of
his door and opened. He spent one hour thrusting his head in.
And he moved slowly, So he won't disturb the old man sleep.
And then he saw still sleeping. He did similar process until
the seventh night. At the seventh night, the madman opened the
door cautiously, But he heard the same voice. Because the
old man didn't sleep. The mad man found out that the old man
didn't saw him in his room. The mad man went into the room, The old man got really scared
because he didn't know who is it and he couldn't see things clearly.
The mad man saw how scared the old man are. He got excited but
he couldn't kill the old man. He would never see the old man's evil eyes. So the mad man walked toward to the old man and the old man opened his eyes. Suddenly, the mad man got scared. And he heard the old man's heart beating sound was getting louder and louder, He scared the sound would be heard by the neighbor. The mad man threw open the lantern and leaped into the room. The old man shrieked once only. In an instated the mad man dragged the old man to the floor, and pulled the heavy bed over him. After few minutes, the heart beat on with a muffled sound. The old man was dead. The mad man removed the bed and examined the corpse. The mad man made sure that the old man was dead. And the mad man cut the old man's body into a pieces and hided in the wooden floor. The neighbor heard the shriek during the night. And they called the polices. The polices went to the mad man's house, The mad man welcomed the polices into the house. And they started talking into the old man's bedroom. Mad man replaced the chair nicely and he put his chair near where's the old man's body. So he thought no one would find out the old man. After the mad man sat down. He heard the old man's heart beat again and the sound was getting louder and louder,The polices couldn't hear it. They kept chatting, and the mad man thought the police are talking about him that killed the old man. He thought the police know.And finally the mad man told the polices that he killed the old man and showed them the pieces of the body of the old man.
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