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Macbeth Student Lesson

In your pairs, plan and facilitate a lesson on your allocated section of 'Macbeth'

Stephanie Hill

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Macbeth Student Lesson

Teaching a Macbeth Lesson
In your group you are to plan and
facilitate a 30 minute lesson on your
allocated THEME of 'Macbeth'

You can use Prezi, PowerPoint or something of your choice as the main
presentation tool

1. Brainstorm in your group about what you know about the theme
2. Research your theme using the devices in your group
3. Come up with FIVE examples of where an audience sees the theme in the play - WITH
to support each one
4. Use these details to plan your lesson

Exploring your theme
- Explain what your theme shows about Elizabethan beliefs and context
- Evaluate the significance of this theme for a modern audience (what messages do we get from it?)
Extension - Explore links to Context
Explain how the characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are presented in your scene.
- Describe how they have changed/ developed
- Include quotes to support
- Identify language features and dramatic techniques used to represent each character
Planning a Lesson
You need to plan a lesson that is interactive for students -
this is not just a presentation.
- a starter/ warm-up
- a teacher explanation/ presentation
- a student-led activity for your class
- critical buddies - peer evaluation
- a plenary (to check what students have learned)
1. Act 2, Sc. 1 (lns. 31-61)
2. Act 3, Sc. 1 (lns. 46-71)
3. Act 3, Sc. 4 (lns. 40-145)
4. Act 4, Scene 1 (lns. 40-110)
5. Act 5, Sc. 1 (lns. 16-68)
6. Act 5, Sc. 5 (lns. 9-52)
Light Blue team: Ambition
Dark Blue team: Order and disorder
Red Team: Reality and appearance
Yellow Team: Bravery and Masculinity
Green Team: Good and evil
Pink Team: Power and the abuse of power
Purple Team: Femininity and the role of women
White Team: Trust and betrayal
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