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International Student Immigration Briefing

No description

Erin Garcia

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of International Student Immigration Briefing

Follow the path to find helpful information
International Student
Immigration Briefing

Have a great semester!
Immigration Advising & Check-In

Going Out of Status :(
Maintaining Status :)
Health Insurance
Health & Safety
How to Be Successful
Immigration Matters & the Office of International Education
Moody Hall, 102
Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
Call or come by to schedule an appointment
Walk-In Hours: Tuesdays & Fridays 2-4pm
Holly Carter
- Director
Erin Garcia
- Immigration Advisor
Laura Ray
- Exchange & Visiting Student Advisor
Christine Trinidad
- Study Abroad Advisor
Mike Merrill

- Int'l Student & Short-Term Study Abroad Advisor
Thomas Galvin
- Office Specialist
Your Immigration Status (F-1)
It is

We're here to give you
(it's up to you to take it).

The OIE is your
primary resource
for immigration information (not everyone knows all the details of how your immigration status works).
Immigration Vocabulary
"Immigration Status" - The type of visa you are on (F-1 Student)

"In Status" - You are in good standing with immigration; no problems

"Out of Status" - You have an unresolved problem with your immigration record

"Maintaining Status" - Doing everything you need to in order to stay in status
More Terms to Know
U.S.C.I.S. - United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
D.O.S. - Department of State
S.E.V.I.S. - Student and Exchange Visitor Information System
S.E.V.P. - Student and Exchange Visitor Program

* Just know that these offices relate to immigration
Your Immigration Documents
- Should be valid for at least 6 months into the future
- "ticket" to enter the USA
- can expire while you are here
- cannot be renewed within the USA
- see your immigration advisor for information about how to renew
I-94 Card
now a digital record (www.cbp.gov/i94)

- establishes your official visa status
- should say "F-1" and "D/S"
- if a date is written on it, see the OIE right away
Form I-20
- shows who you are and what you are studying
- get a new one when information changes
- can be extended
program end date
Lost or Stolen Documents
Laws & Safety
In Case of Emergency
Protecting Your Information
Show up - On Time! Attendance makes a difference
Try your hardest
Ask for help
Talk to someone before things get bad
Talk to someone even if things are already bad
Take care of your health and get enough sleep
Get organized
Don't make assumptions (things may be more different than they appear)
Keep a balance between work and fun
Contact the OIE right away
Get a Police Report for stolen documents and let your Embassy know they've gone missing
Keep your documents safe and know where they are at all times!
Within the USA:
Take your Immigration Documents (passport, valid visa, I-20), even if you aren't leaving the country
Have them ready if traveling near the Mexican or Canadian borders - there are checkpoints where you will need to show them
International Travel:
Get travel signatures on your I-20 (2 times a year)
Take your Immigration Documents (passport, valid visa, I-20)
Check the expiration date on your visa stamp (ask the OIE about how to renew it)
Keep documents in your carry-on luggage
Do not take classes at another school, not listed on your I-20 without talking to your immigration advisor
Report changes to your contact information
Email your immigration advisor if any of this information changes:
home address in USA or abroad
phone number
email address*
Remember that your SEU email is the only one most of campus will send emails to! Check it regularly and read all emails from your Immigration Advisor and the OIE!
Maintain a full course load:

12 h
ours each Semester (Fall and Spring)
Summer is considered a vacation term, so you can take classes if you want, but are not required to
Do NOT work without authorization or start work before the authorization is granted!
Authorizations for F-1 status
On-campus work
(eligible NOW)

Internship for
internship class -
"CPT" (eligible after 2 semesters)

12 months of work
related to major
(before or after
graduation) - "OPT" (eligible after 2 semesters)
USCIS will not let you stay in the USA if you violate this rule!
See your immigraiton advisor for authorization information
Keep your documents updated and know when they expire
Set reminders for yourself
Don't forget to have your I-20 signed before traveling
Have it signed at least 2 times a year (before the winter break and before the summer break are good times)
Allow the OIE
for this!
Extend your I-20
the program end date
You can have an extension if you need one - just don't wait to long to talk to your immigration advisor about it!
Know how the F-1 "Grace Period" works:
You have 60 days after your program end date to leave the country
You can travel within the USA during this time
Once you leave the country, your F-1 status ends and you need a new status to re-enter
Read all updates from the OIE
Immigration rules can change. The OIE will contact you by email to let you know of any changes.
Sometimes we need information urgently for your record - respond right away to avoid problems!
You are "out of status" if you violate the rules of your visa type.

Going out of status leaves a
permanent, negative mark
on your immigration record.

This means more delays when traveling or renewing your visa and can mean that you are always sent to "deferred inspection" at the airport
It is easier to just stay in status!
It is expensive and time consuming to get back into status!

If you do go out of status, see your International Advisor right away.
All international students are REQUIRED to have health insurance that meets legal requirements of the Affordable Care Act!

Health care in the USA is very good, but very expensive if you don't have insurance. With insurance, it is affordable.
If you are really sick, do not hesitate to get care. Your health is most important - costs and payment can be worked out later!
The SEU health insurance plan meets all requirements by the US government.

If you have your own health insurance through a government sponsor or through a U.S. company:
It MUST have an
address/phone number in the USA
or doctors will not accept it.
It MUST meet the minimums of the
Affordable Care Act
("Obama Care")
from your insurance company and a
form must be submitted to the OIE by the end of the
first week of classes
your first semester and each August. Late submissions will be applied to the next semester. More information at
On-Campus Emergencies
Call Campus Police: (512) 448-8444
available 24 hours a day, every day of the year
they can contact the best person/department to help (ambulance, police officer, etc.)
Off-Campus Emergencies
Call 911 emergency services
Immigration related emergencies
Contact the Office of International Education (OIE)
During office hours: (512) 428-1051
After hours: call UPD: (512) 448-8444
Health Emergencies (physical or mental)
Contact Health & Counseling Center
During office hours: 512.448.8686 or 512.448.8538
After hours: call UPD: (512) 448-8444
F.E.R.P.A. (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
Protects personal information held by academic institutions
Protects your privacy
Any information beyond "directory" information
No university faculty or staff can share this information with anyone (not even parents or spouse) without student's specific permission.
To give the university permission to share with someone (parent, sponsor, spouse, friend - anyone), you must authorize them using the "FERPA" link in EdWeb.
Have your immigration documents (or a copy) with you
Interact politely with police officers
Carry the originals (but keep them safe)
Keep a copy in your car or on your phone, just in case
You can contact the OIE and we can verify your status if there are problems
They are people to treat with respect.
Be polite ("yes sir/yes ma'am"), never yell or become physical toward an officer - they could arrest you for that
Some Advice:
Laws related to alcohol/drugs:
Drinking age is 21 years old
under 21 cannot buy or consume alcohol
buying someone under the age of 21 alcohol is against the law
even holding an alcoholic drink if you are under 21 is against the law.

Public Intoxication
being very drunk in public (putting yourself and/or others in danger) is against the law

just don't do them while you're here - they're dangerous and will get you in trouble!
marijuana use is taken seriously here and you WILL get in trouble if you use it on-campus or off-campus.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
VERY DANGEROUS! Don't drive if you've been drinking and don't ride with anyone else who's been drinking
Aggressive Behavior
any physical aggressiveness (fighting, hitting, kicking, etc) or threatening to do so can lead to being arrested.

Relationship Violence
if you or someone you know is in a relationship where you/they are being hurt physically or emotionally, ask someone (the counselors in the Health & Counseling Center are specially trained on this) about how to get help.
The "Mom" Speech
"Be safe, don't do anything reckless, don't go into the bad side of town..." Remember your mom's speech while you're here - it will still hold true.

For those without a "mom speech", here is one from us:

Wear your seat belt in the car - even if you're in the back seat.
Don't text while driving (or let your friends text while they drive)
Follow all the traffic laws
Pay your tickets if you get one (you can be arrested if you don't)
Be careful downtown - keep your money safe, stay in a group, don't do anything stupid, and don't drink in excess
Be careful with your money and keep an eye on exchange rates.
Trust your instincts - they're probably seeing something you aren't (like why that dark street is so creepy, etc).
So what if you get in to serious trouble...?
If you get into a serious problem (like getting arrested), you can talk to the international student advisor (Mike) or your immigration advisor (Erin) confidentially. We aren't lawyers, but can help you understand what this might mean for you and your immigration record and can help you find a lawyer if you need one.
Where to go for help and information
The Office of International Education
Moody Hall, 102
Immigration advising
Letters verifying your enrollment and/or visa status
Work authorization information
Questions/problems related to culture shock or homesickness
When you don't know where to go for information or help
Student Financial Services
Main Building, 204
Questions about your bill
Establishing a payment plan
Information about how your scholarship works
On-campus employment (you will work with both Financial Services and the OIE)
Academic Planning and Support (APSS)
*Your Academic Counselor
Moody Hall, 155
Questions about what classes to take
Information about your degree plan or your major
Tips on managing your time
Study methods
How to talk to your professors
Health & Counseling Center
Johnson Hall, 100
Health: physical injury or illness
Counseling: emotional/mental stress
Wellness: preventative, whole person, health information

When you start feeling sick
When you feel emotional/mental strain (homesickness, stress about school or family, etc)
To get information about how to keep from getting sick, manage stress, and maintain a health, balanced life
Academic Success Center
Moody Hall 188
CLEP testing
Office of International Education (OIE)
OIE Staff
Going "Out of Status"
Online resources at

and on your USB drive
Read the Student Code of Conduct
Read through the information here
Complete quiz (link emailed to you)
Bring by or email copies of your immigration documents
Fill out and submit Information Card
Don't forget - before the end of the first week of classes:
Complete the quiz
Bring/email copies of immigration documents
Fill out and submit Information Card
Contact your Immigration Advisor with any questions:
Erin Garcia
512 428 1051
Moody Hall, 102
If at any point you don't think you can maintain a full course load, be sure to talk with your immigration advisor!
Recommendation: see your immigration advisor at the start of your last semester to go over anything you need to know before graduation!
Writing Center
writing help
help organizing a paper
help with grammar
Residence Life
Staff in every residence hall
Main office in Community Building 1; on-campus apartments
RD (Resident Director): Professional staff member who oversees a particular residence hall

RA (Resident Advisor): Student who works with Residence Life to help both the RD and the residents on the hall

Questions related to your living arrangements
Roommate problems
Problems with your room/bathroom
Information about activities on campus and the residence hall (RA)
Peer advise about being a student at SEU (RA)
Information Card can be printed from webpage:
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