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Draft Corporate Brand Manual

No description

laura onderweegs

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Draft Corporate Brand Manual

The Lay-out will look like this: Question you may ask:

What is Laura working on exactly?
What will be the contents of the manual?
How will it look like?

This mindmap will hopefully give you some answers... The contents:
Corporate Identity
Privacy Policy
Visual Aspects
Audit Plan What will this mean for my company? All in line with the corporate business ethics Corporate Brand Manual Feel free to send out any suggestions... How do I use the corporate logo? Customer Relationship Management Privacy Policy Audit Plan Visual Aspects Corporate Identity USH Freight & Alfa Relocations have one...
This will be the basis for the corporate policy In the end, the policy must be shown on every website.. Details will be given on how to
use the group logo, and how not.. Every company will have to follow certain guidelines, because we need to work on our: The template will be given in the
final manual.. So that we can create an uniform line together! How to receive feedback How to deal with questions & complaints How to approach and keep your customers = the image that a company projects to the outside world through design, communication and behaviour Fonts Colours Logo Note: Loyal customers are more profitable Human Resource Management Current: Some of our identity is great, but other things do not match up

Future: Every touch with our prospects and customers is consistent and professional A template will be given with the exact
colour codes of our group logo Which font should be used and
how should you use this What do you need to do with that?
Sets & Styles When en how will this be audited? M-team meetings? Other Colours Crooked Rose Ann will audit from corporate point of view On the other hand, An email
disclaimer will be created..
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