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Mrs. Salinas potluck

No description

esmeralda vazquez

on 24 May 2017

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Transcript of Mrs. Salinas potluck

prom night <3
Mrs. Salinas potluck
This day was one of my favorites and it made me really happy because I was able to see snoop dog in person and I love seeing artist I got really happy because he is one of my favorite singers. Even though I didn't recognized him but once snoop dog passed by me there was this guy that said that he was going to follow snoop dog and then my sister Yesenia and I said what the hell that was snoop dog, oh my god!. I'm pretty

adventure in Hawaii
This was of my happiest moments because I get to spend more time with my friends and get to have fun i get to share my sad and happy moments with them I'm able to count on them for anything and its weird we find friends like that. one of the moments that i remember by heart that was one of my favorites was when we were saying our funny story's of anything hilarious that has happened to them it was one of the great day we got to share our story's and laugh at the same time.
funny moments at lunch with friends ;)
This day had made me really happy because i was able to spend time with my friends and i was able to enjoy the company of my classmates. I also enjoyed the potluck because I love food and that's what the potluck is all about. we were able to share our food around and i love sharing and that's why this day is one of the things i really loved through out my life.
This was one of my best nights because i was able to dance with my class of 2017 i also had time to spend time with friends and make amazing memories. this is one night that i will never forget because it was just amazing and i wished i was able to go back to that day and spend time gain with friends i was able to laugh all night sing and dance and that's three things i love to do that's why it was amazing.
Hollywood trip to a concert with family and friends
it was really special to me and happy because i got to see new family members in Hawaii that i had never met before. therefore, they are really special to me because we had always stayed in contacted through face time;) i went to the beach and i saw small and really big turtles and i like it and yeah.
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