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2014 UC Berkeley ATDP Intl Division

No description

Tina Li

on 13 July 2014

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Transcript of 2014 UC Berkeley ATDP Intl Division

TC 2nd Floor

TC 3rd Floor

TC 4th Floor


2. You are responsible to keep your dorm room in good shape. Any property damage will result in additional charges.

3. Plagiarism & cheating is considered very serious and will not be tolerated.
2014 UC Berkeley ATDP Intl Division
Thank you!
Administrative Staff

Residential Counselors

Rules & Policies
1. Students are expected to treat others (peers and staff) with respect.

4. Drugs, alcohol, harassment, theft, smoking, and physical aggression are strictly prohibited.

5. Sexual misconduct, harassment and bullying between students is not allowed.

6. Weapons, sharp objects, firearms are strictly prohibited.

7. Please be in your rooms and adhere to the quiet time every night unless given permission otherwise. Quiet time is at 11pm every night. Quiet time means that every one is quiet in their rooms and it is time to go to bed.

8. During the daytime (before dinnertime), you may go around campus in buddy systems as long as you sign out with your counselor and stay within the designated area.

9. No wandering outside alone at night. You must ask the counselor or a staff member to go with you if you are going to be leaving the building after 8pm.

10. Only eat the food that has been set out on the counter and table. Do not go through the refrigerator and cabinets in the kitchen on your own without permission.

11. Bathroom rules
a. Girls: Clean up your hair after you shower.
b. Boys: Pick up the toilet seat cover when you go to the bathroom.
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