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Effect of Ammonia on Astrocytic Glutamate Uptake/ Release Me

No description

Leonie Straka

on 6 February 2016

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Transcript of Effect of Ammonia on Astrocytic Glutamate Uptake/ Release Me

1. Swelling-induced Glutatmate Release
1. Swelling-induced Glutamate Release
increased extracellular Glu can cause astrocytes to swell
3. Ca2+ - dependent Vesicular Release
application of ammonia (5Mm) to cultured astrocytes results in a transient increase in intracellular Ca2+ release and subequent Glu release
2. Reversal of Glutamate Transporters
Effect of Ammonia on Astrocytic Glutamate Uptake/Release Mechanisms
brain edema
Mechanisms for Glutamate Release
2. Reversal Action of Glutamate Transporters
3. Ca-dependent Vesicular Release
> 100μM
increase extracellular Glu is a
of astrocytic swelling, not a
is it unlikely that the increase of extracellular glutamate in brain in ALF is the consequence of reversal glutamate transporters
ammonia exposure to either neurons or astrocytes results in alkalinization of the cytosol
Strategies aimed at normalization of cellular glutamate uptake/release mechanisms could provide novel therapeutic approaches to hyperammonemic diseases
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