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Why Learn Spanish?


Angel Maldonado

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of Why Learn Spanish?

Why Learn Spanish?
More than 400 million Spanish speakers
3rd most common language spoken in the world
Some History...
Deeper understanding if your own language
Official language in 4 continents
Official language of 21 countries
Other Reasons
Easier To Get A Job
Understanding of Foreign Movies and Music!
Its fun
Its easy! If
can do it, You Can to!!
Other Reasons
Meet you neighbor

Other Reasons

Learn other languages
Other Reasons
According to the U.S Census Bureau, about 12 percent of U.S. residents speak Spanish at home. As a result rising number of jobs require spanish or at least prefer individuals who can speak spanish.
In an increasingly global world, being bilingual makes you a more competitive force in society for jobs, travel, speaking to clients abroad.
Spanish is derived from Latin, like many words in English (via French). Learning Spanish will boost your vocab by familiarizing you with words that have fallen out of everyday use in English, but have common equivalents in Spanish.
2nd most commonly spoken in U.S.
You're bound to run into someone who speaks only Spanish in your daily life.
It Makes You Smarter
That's right -- the latest research shows that speaking being bilingual improves cognitive skills unrelated to language.
DID YOU KNOW IT: *Reduces Risk Of Alzheimer's*
Seriously, for real. Fluency in two languages reduces risk of Alzheimer's. Source: CBS
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