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Apps for Education

No description

Judit Klein

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Apps for Education

Wunderlist Cloud sync task manager Screens VNC
Control your computer remotely Remote desktop Jump Desktop Remote desktop Keynote Remote Remote Control BubbleSheet Test administration TeacherPal Classroom organisation CamScanner+ Document Management Idea Store Organisation / Productivity Mental Case Classroom Edition Flash cards Mobile Mouse Pro (Remote / Trackpad) Remote control Essay Grader Document management Scanner Pro Document Management Classroom Management Curricula Support School A to Z General educational content Edmondo Class content management TED Educational content iMovie Pictello Rich media / content creation iBooks E-reader / document management Zapd Media / content creation BrainPOP General educational content Media / content creation Google Earth Educational content Diptic Media / content creation Strip Designer Media / content creation Audioboo Media / content creation Flashcards* Flashcards Flat Stanley Adventure / game VoiceThread Media / content creation Project Noah Educational Content HowStuffWorks Educational content Garageband Media / content creation iTalk Recorder Media / content creation Personal Organisation Ignition Remote access Pocket Media / content consumption Air Sharing Document Management GoDocs for Google Docs™, Google Drive™ Document Creation / management Attendance Class management Things Task manager Instapaper Media / content consumption Dropbox Content Management Evernote Content creation and management Omnifocus Task manager Reference Merriam-Webster Dictionary Educational content 2012 World Factbook Educational content WolframAlpha Educational content World Atlas by National Geographic Educational content Art Authority Educational content Pulse News for iPhone Media / content consumption Dictionary.com - Dictionary & Thesaurus Educational content Wikihood Educational content Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine Media / content consumption Articles Media / content consumption Instructional Tools GoogleTranslate Utility MindNode Mindmapping Pages Content creation and management Best Prompter Pro Media / content creation eClicker Client Classroom interaction Wordpress Content creation and consumption AudioNote - Notepad and Voice Recorder Media / content creation iResponse PRO Classroom Responder System Quiz / test delivery Aurasma Lite Content creation and consumption Keynote Document / Content creation GoodReader Document management Posterous Content creation and consumption Numbers Document / Content creation Roambi Analytics Visualizer Document and content creation iHandy Translator Pro Utility Tumblr Content creation and consumption Stick Pick Utility Skype Communication Stitcher Radio Content consumption App Store Education Category:
"Apps for Teachers" CRITIQUE Criteria Learning is... "...this is going to change everything because it [has] the three features that we knew are students are going to be using more and more..." Dr. William Rankin ...defined by access and community:
"They need a way to get to information and they need other people to share it with." Dr. William Rankin CfLAT recommends... Case study: 'LATTE' model Keyword
search 'Mobility' 'Collaboration' 'Peripatetic' Expert recommendations: Stephen Atherton

National Development Executive (Higher Education)Apple Inc. Apple Learning Tour 2012
Apps demonstrated to give an idea of the types of applications. Good Reader iAnnotate PDF Reader Pro iTunes U iBooks Popplet Notarize Notability World Lens iMovie Brain Pro The Waste Land Papers Explain Everything Molecules DataAnalysis Planets 'Education' 'Airplay' 'Student' 'Learning' 'Teacher' 'Classroom' 'University' No relevant results Discovr Apps Tips and Tricks - iPad Secrets Evernote Good Reader PDF Expert iBooks PDF Converter Dropbox WebDAV Quick Office Mendeley Pages
Keynote Prezi U Pad Rich Media Internet Connectivity of existing apps HARNESSING the affordances
of a device that
is inherenly MOBILE Lightweight Long
life Cellular data Small, thin AGILE Forming a new TECHNOLOGY Handheld Portable Desktop Server Agile SPACE iPad as the SPACE "Devices which fit this space are particularly useful for teaching and learning purposes, as they offer the flexibility needed for modern learning practices." http://www.ipadineducation.co.uk/iPad_in_Education/The_Agile_Space.html Ian Wilson - Apple Distinguished Educator Wikitude - Geotagged content enables users to explore context relevant content through augmented reality. Ability to work together in real time and leverage social networks. Access to resources Collaboration with multiple participant in real time regardless of context
- web / cloud based

Location awareness - responds to and enhances contexts.

AirPlay - sharing media over a wireless connection and utilising secondary display
in a shared space

Dynamically generated interaction space

Seamless fluidity of content across multiple devices "Always on". Access and community Hardware Software Shared photostream
User generated content Content consumption IM
social networking WiFi and bluetooth enable Peer to peer Expert recommendations:
Jim Hayden

Apple Distinguished Educator
& K-12 Development Executive
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