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How Batteries Work

No description

Jodi Ryalls

on 11 January 2018

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Transcript of How Batteries Work

How Batteries Work
One form of energy.

A change in the direction of the flow of electrons using another power source. The anode and cathode are restored to their original state and can again provide full power.
Lab Today
LT: I can analyze the parts of a battery
and identify how they work to store energy.

What direction does electricity flow in a battery?
What is keeping the electrons from flowing in their natural direction?
What color in this model represents the circuit?
Other forms of Energy
Heat & Light
Flow of electrons through a conductive path like a wire.

Conductive path is called a circuit.
Name a form of energy.
What is an electron?
Batteries are chemical reactions that make electrical energy.
Beaker with Copper Sulfate Solution
Wheat Lightbulb
Zinc Strip
Gives Electrons
Copper Strip
Receivess Electrons
Blotter Paper
Rubber Band
Which metal is the cathode?
Which metal is the anode?
Which item is electrolyte?
What material is the circuit?
Copper Strip
Zinc Strip
Blotter Paper
Wheat Lightbulb wire
Goggles Required!
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