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Public health Unit 12 P5M3

No description

Jill Marshall

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Public health Unit 12 P5M3

reducing health inequalities Public Health Promotion and Protection P5 M3 AIMS ; improving health

"There have been big improvements in health and life expectancy
over the last century...future progress ...cannot be taken for granted ...
the relative proportion of deaths form cancers, coronary heart disease
and stroke has risen. They now account for around two-thirds of all deaths."

Choosing Health:Making Healthy Choices Easier , 2004 White Paper. The previous government (in their Tackling Health Inequalities;A Programme for Action)set out national targets for reducing health inequalities by 2010. This was the first time such targets had been set.
We know these have not been met and the current Coalition Government, although more reluctant to set definite targets along the same lines, have targeted the same groups, with similar interventions. (smoking, obesity etc ) to try to reduce health inequalities. prevent/manage other risks for coronary heart disease and cancer eg poor diet & obesity; physical inacitivy and hypertension, through good primary care and public healthinterventions (esp targeting over 50's). improving housing by tackling cold and dampness and reducing accidents at home and on the road. Reduce smoking in manual social groups; improve antenatal care and early years support in disadvantaged areas reduce smoking and improve nutrition in pregnancies and early years . improve housing conditions for children in disadvantagd areas. prevent teenage pregnancies and support teenage parents health education
activities '5 a day'
'change for life'
'eatwell' The school Food Trust was commissioned in 2005 to advise the Government and schools on standards for food. This was in the wake of Jamie Oliver's exposure of poor school food standards. There are two main sets of standards for school lunches -
food based and
nutrition based
aswell as standards for food other than lunches (eg no sweets to be sold in schools etc)

In January 2013 The Government announced that funding to the Trust would be cut completely from March. No Smoking day was established on Ash Wednesday in 1984.
It is aimed at helping people to stop and has helped 1.5 million to do so.
It has become one of the best known awareness days in the UK, with up to 70% knowing it is non Smoking Day.
www.nosmokingday.org Fewer than a third of adults and only
1 in 10 children are eating their
recommended "five-a-day" of fruit
and vegetables, government figures
BBC News Health July 2012 standards for school lunches National No Smoking Day Health Trainers Choosing Health 2004 committed the Govt to establishing a programme of health trainers from 2006.

Health trainers help people to develop healthier behaviour and lifestyles in their own local communities. They offer practical support to change their behaviour to achieve their own choices and goals.

typically the role would involve encouraging people to:

•stop smoking
•participate in increased physical activity
•eat more healthily
•drink sensibly
•practice safe sex

NHScareers/nhs.uk HEALTH
PROTECTION protection against
disease protection against
environmental hazards immunisation
disease surveillance
genetic screening waste disposal/treatment
supply of safe water
pollution control
food preparation, storage and sale
climate change Healthy Eating Campaigns In pairs, research a definition of
health protection
health promotion
health education
use only reliable or academic websites AND STATE YOUR SOURCE.
Write each definition on A3 paper.
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