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Tyler Bates

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of The YCJA

This applies to kids of the age 12-17
Jimmy is 16 years old . He went out after his parents kicked him out and killed a fifteen year old kid. Jimmy is out trying to hide but the next day a police officer finds him. The police arrests him charges him for murder and reads him his Miranda Rights, in order for jimmy to be arrested.
Jimmy is unable to complete the program and has been sent to court. The court will set a day for trial. If necessary the youth can be kept in custody until the trial. At trial the judge will then sentence Jimmy, and depending on the crime and the circumstances he could be sentenced to possibly community service, counseling, prison, a criminal record, or other options.
Jimmy was charged because of how serious his crime was. A prosecutor (A lawyer who uses evidence to prove that someone has broken the law) the prosecutor then sends Jimmy to programs that will help him get back into society. These program can consist of either a sentencing circle, or other professional social workers that can include mental health, counseling, and other steps. This process helps to rientigrate canadian youth back into society.
The process of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.
The youth that has done the crime is now paying his sentence but his name is not allowed to be put out to the public. Because of the youth criminal justice act Jimmy`s real name is not allowed to be shown. The media is allowed to talk about him and what has happened but is not allowed to give out his name.
depending on Jimmy's background is depending on how he will be sentenced. in this case Jimmy has never done a crime that was serious and put into records. If he had done something before his sentence could possibly be worse. It can also depend on how his personal life is and what its like at home, in this case Jimmy's parents had kicked him out and he was not to impressed, that can aslo play a role in what his sentence is.
the Youth Criminal Justice act is supposed to keep youth safe not only from the public but also from actual jail. this system also helps to keep the public safe from being harmed. The YCJA is to help youth that have done crime to get back into society.
We believe that the ruling for the YCJA is fair and equitable. This is because if you do a crime you should be paying the price for what ever it is you have done. The YCJA does a good job at trying to bring youth back into society in a good and fair way.
BY Tyler and Connor
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