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Novel Study: Small Steps

No description

emily mar

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Novel Study: Small Steps

By:Emily & Angela Small Steps Exposition -The title of the book is Small Steps

-The author of the book is by Louis Sachar

-The genre is a Young Adult Fiction

-The setting of the book is Austin,Texas Character Profiles Kaira Deleon is a spoiled pop star. Her manager who is also her step father is very controlling and selfish. She is very lonely when she is not performing. She became friends with Ginny and Armpit. Some other supporting characters are:
-Armpit's and Ginny's moms
-Jack Dunlevy
-El Genius/Jerome Paisley
-Cherry Lane Armpit X-Ray Kaira Deleon Ginny Ginny goes through a diesease called cerebral pasly.Ginny believes in Armpit and believes that in herself that they can take small steps to improve.Ginny can see good in other people. Armpit is the main character and the protagonist of the novel. He has a criminal record, but at the end he realizes that he needs to take small steps to be succesful.Armpit is trying to make a positive change in his life by taking small steps. The internal/external conflict involves armpit facing the rushing river of life. X-ray is influencing armpit to make the wrong decisions instead of helping turn his life around. He is influencing him to take big steps rather then to take small steps to achieve his goals. Protagonist: Armpit Antagonist: X-Ray X-ray is the antagonist of the novel. X-ray is not motivated and does not like to take small steps to achieve his goals.X-ray knows how to persuade Armpit so he does not take small steps to achieve his goals. X-Ray is an untrustworthy person. Rising Action Turning Point -Kaira and Armpit leave Fred to go on a tour to San Fracisco
while El Genious snoops in Armpits hotel room to frame him so he stars taking some of his personal belongings.He is framing him because he knows that Armpit has a crminal record. -Kaira is upset and offended by Armpit telling her that he needs another letter written by her so he can give it to his ticket scalpers and then get money.Kaira was mad at Armpit because she thought their relationship was real and didn`t really care if she was famous or not. - Armpit sets 5 goals to turn his life back around - Armpit befriends Ginny - X-ray persuades Armpit into scalping
Kaira Deleon tickets Armpit realizes the tickets are fake. He meets
Kaira Deleon and he compares life to a rushing river Kaira and Armpit are becoming close
friends Armpit and X-ray are integrated by the
police for selling fake Kaira Deleon tickets Kaira and Armpits relationship
grows they share there feelings. She
invites him to her next concert. El Genius says that Kaira is replaceable and that
she is nothing without him. Alieen embezzled 3M
from Kaira's trust fund and will double cross everyone. Felix blackmails Armpit and X-ray for Kairas letter.
Felix threatens to call the police because X-ray ows him $2,000. Moses assaults Armpit for Kairas letter.
Kairas limo driver calls the police and drives
Armpit to San Francisco. Climax Jerome assaults Kaira with a bat. Her bodyguard comes in and ends up getting stabbed. Armpit comes to help Kaira. Falling Action Police, Ambulance, And fans come to the
crime scene. Kaira and Fred go to the hospital.
Jerome is sent to jail. Armpit is a hero for saving Kaira.
The fake ticket investigation was dropped. Jerome admits that he attempted murder. Alieen
is sent to Jail for embezzlement. Kaira needs lawyers
to fight bankruptcy. X-ray states the idea of becoming a lawyer since he
knows how to persuade someone. Resolution -Armpit inspires and helps Kaira to rebuild her singing career.Armpit knows that she can do it if she takes small steps like how Armpit did. -Armpit is trying to stay where he is is at this stage and refouses on his personal goals to change and make his like better. In the novel it didn`t say anything about Armpit and Kaira seeing each other again. Themes Celebrities Don't always have it as good as we think they do: Celebrities always look like there happy and it seems like they always get what they want but there life is harder then ours. Celebrities are always
being watched 247 and besides having a bunch of fans sometimes celebrities are very lonely. Like in the novel Kaira had tons of fans who love
her but besides the fans Kaira was very lonely. Her life was not easy she had a selfish manager who tried to kill her. A celebrities life is not as glamorous as it seems to us. Taking small steps If we take small steps we can achieve our goals. Just like in the novel Armpit took small steps to turn his life around. He achieved his goal because took small steps. In life when we are working on a project
if we rush we will not complete it to the best of our ability. If we take small steps and work on a little bit day by day we can finish the project and get
the work done properly. Final Thoughts Emily:
Over all I did not like the
novel Small steps. I did not
like the book because I found most
of the book Focused on Kaira and
Armpit rather then the Small steps
Idea. I did think the book had a good
ending because Kaira got her voice back
and X-ray wants to become a lawyer. I
would like to find out though if Kaira and
Armpit will meet again. Angela: my final thoughts about book was a bit confused because it had a bit of a violent end. I didn't like how the book ended but overall I think that Holes and Small Steps were both good books. Thanks for watching!
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