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The Trouble at Red River Spy Mission

No description

Hannah Williams

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of The Trouble at Red River Spy Mission

The Trouble at Red River Spy Mission.
By Hannah W.

Who are the Peoples of the west?
What happened with refusing to let William McDougall enter the Red River Settlement?
What really happened?
Who are the Metis?
The Metis usually lived in log houses or in red river lots which were farm houses built along the red river. When buffalo hunting and going on trade expeditions they slept inside tepees.
Language and Religion
The Metis people have many backgrounds which include french, English, Scottish, Cree, Ojibway and other aboriginal cultures. The Metis speak a variety of different languages. Many Metis people went to church (Catholic and protestant and that is where many of them got married.
Music and Dance
Music and dance was an important part of the Metis culture. The most popular instrument of the Metis was the fiddle. Other instruments included the harmonica, hand drum, mouth harp and finger instruments. They enjoyed many dances but the most popular one was the red river jig. The less popular were the Scottish jigs and square dances which were combined with traditional dances of aboriginal culture. Traditional music was up tempo and lively.
The Metis clothing reflected their unique culture and environment. They were famous for the bead work they put on their clothing. The Metis clothing was a combination of native and European clothing. The women were in charge of making the clothing. To make them they usually used tanned animal skins such as deerskin or moose hides. Clothing they they used was vest, leggings, hats, moccasins, gloves, shawls, dresses, etc. Many of them wore a colourful sash tied around their waist. The sash was made of wool and could be used as a scarf in winter. The sash was approximately 6m long.
Food/Buffalo Hunt
To get across the river the Metis relied on canoes/boats. When horses were introduced to the Metis it greatly changed their lifestyle. With the horses they could travel greater distances and hunt buffalo in a wider area. They could hunt buffalo from their horses and they used them to pull the red river carts.
The Metis didn't have many jobs, they mostly hunted and farmed. The women made the clothing for their family.
Who is Louis Riel?
Birthplace and Date
Louis Riel was born in St.Boniface at the Red River settlement on October 22, 1844. He sadly died November 16, 1885 in Regina SK.
His father (Louis Riel Sr) was a business man and an important political leader in the Metis Community. His father died when Louis was fairly young. His mother (Julie Lagimodiere) was the daughter of one of the first Europeans to settle in the North West.
Louis Riel was a bright boy and a good student. People in his community said he was the brightest boy in Red River. Louis was the eldest of his siblings
The most popular food among the Metis was Pemmican (which is buffalo meat) They usually organized two big hunts every year. They traveled in large groups of Red River carts. They followed the buffalo for long distances, until they got to the buffalo's grazing areas. Then they would kill the buffalo. Besides buffalo meat the Metis fished, gathered wild berries. The berries were usually stored in animal skins.
Occupations as an adult
Character of Louis Riel
Aboriginal Peoples
Scottish Selkirk Settlers
French Speaking Roman Catholic Settlers
English-Speaking Protestant Settlers
What happened with refusing to let the government surveyors survey the land in Red River?
What happened with the taking of Fort Gary?
What demands are made and why did this happen?
What demands does the Provisional Government make?
Why did this 'trouble' happen?
Louis Riel was given a scholarship to study at a school in Montreal when he was only 14. But he did not complete his studies there. He was then later educated as a lawyer.
Louis Riel went to work in Montreal at a law office in 1865. A year later he worked as a store clerk in the United States from 1866-1868. He then returned to Red River and quickly emerged as a leader among the Metis.
Louis Riel was a leader among the Metis. He became deeply involed in improving the lives of his people, the french speaking Metis. He was very bright.
The Aboriginal peoples (some people called them half breeds) mostly moved place to place hunting buffalo and trapping fur-bearing animals. The Aboriginal peoples lived all over Canada. European settlers bought furs from the aboriginals.
Many of these original settlers were poor farmers who had been displaced from their land in Scotland. In they begining of their settlement they went through sickness, hunger and some floods that ruined their farmland.
There isn't much information about the French Speaking Roman Catholic settlers but it is known they were farm families from lower Canada.
English-speaking protestants came from Canada west. They were attracted to rich prairie farmland. When settled they established small farms and worked for the Hudson's Bay Company. Though they did not have title over their land
The Provisional government wanted to have control over their local affairs, the right to send four elected members of parliament to Ottawa, the right to use french and English in schools and law. They also wanted to keep traditions, customs and the Metis way of life
This 'trouble' happened because the Canadians and Canadian surveyors were trying to take the Metis land and change their way of life. After they sold the land and didn't tell the Metis and Indians what would happen to them.
William McDougall wanted to enter the Red River settlement only to find the Metis had barricaded the road to enter. The tension is rising in Red River. The Metis gave him a letter stating that they would not have any governer without being consulted first.William decided he was going to try to break into Red River.
The surveyors came on the Metis land to get it ready for settlement. They drove stakes in their land. The Metis were not happy. The Metis were not consulted about why they were surveying the land. The Metis wanted to fight for their land.
Louis Riel and a group of Metis toke over Fort Gary. They said they weren't going to take or use anything. They used the Fort to hold prisoners inside.
Should John A. Mcdonald use force or seek a peaceful solution through negotiation?
I think that he should seek a peaceful solution through negotiation because if he does decide to use force it could cause arguments/disagreements or even worse war.
The Metis were people of mixed heritage which is a mix between European and aboriginal. Fur trading and buffalo hunting was an important part in the Metis heritage
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