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Apple Pig

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of animation

the use

animation forecast

The use of animation

Animation in future
Types of animation
1. Cartoons
common use of animation, and perhaps the origin of it
appear all the time on television and the cinema
used for entertainment, advertising, presentations and many more applications
important factor on a computer is reusability and flexibility
system - all the actions to be performed can repeated easily, without much fuss from the side of the animator
Speed is not of real importance, as once the sequence is complete
can be recorded on film or video, frame by frame and played back at an acceptable speed
2. Simulations
much cheaper to train people to use on a computer simulation
types -supposed to respond to real-time stimuli, and the events that will take place are non-deterministic
The response this types requires a fast system to deal with it
speed is important factor in simulation systems
3. Scientific Visualisation
Graphical visualisation is very common in all areas of science
usual form that is takes x-y plots
things get more complicated three dimensional graphs are used
Data is represented in multiple images (frames) and displayed to give the illusion of motion
Speed is important factor, as huge sets of data might have to be displayed in real-time.
For example it might take a few days or weeks to generate an animation of a fractal, which zooms in slowly, and so on.
uses of scientific visualisation have two main categories: analysis and teaching
1. Flipbook animation
creates animation purely with pencil, eraser and a stack of drawing pads such as post-it pads
This experimental and creative as you can draw any thing you can think of
• Advantage:
-cheap and readily available at all stationary stores
-use of existing drawing skill and start almost immediately
• Disadvantage:
- can prepared to erase and redraw when make mistakes
- Adding in details such as colour and shading in each page very time consuming
3. Stop motion
digital method of flipbook animation created by drawing in a software
Drawing skills are preferably required
a lot more convenient tools within the software help you draw faster
Animation look more smoother because can adjust the animation easily
• Advantage:
- Animation can be created efficiently
- can look much more polished
• Disadvantage:
- need to proficient in using computers
-invest in buying a computer and the software
4. 2D animation
• use of figurine and physical objects to create animation
• using toys and potable figurine and capture them as photo images
• use a video editing software to compile each photo into a moving image video
• Advantage:
- The visual of animation will look relatively appealing if using toys because can look real life
- All asset are physical and is not much tools to learn
• Disadvantage:
- Posing the toys frame by frame might be tedious and not accurate
-Toys posing to fly or jump can be tough too
using three dimensional virtual space and create realistic and aesthetically stunning visual
3D software is able to do because its calculation can render images
block buster movies such as Batman and Transformers
• Advantage:
- Final artwork can be very realistic and real
-amount of tools made available for the artist to use
• Disadvantage:
- learning curve to understand 3D software learn it yourself
-3D software are expensive to start with
2. 3D Animation
1. Improve communication Skills
Is a brilliant and innovative new way to encourage people to communicate stories, ideas and concept
As a tool to encourage the creativity of students who find spelling and grammar a challenge
2. Building Bridges
Share information with other
Provides for collaboration with students from all over the world should not be underestimated,
It carries the additional benefit that a language barrier can be immediately overcome through the medium of animation
Example: Kerpoof
3. Self-expression
Some people will face challenge in traditional drawing and painting
People can still retain the creative reins by choosing everything from plot to speech bubbles.
4. Enhance technical Skills
Need strong and high computer skill
Example: use algebraic and calculus functions to create 3D animations
5. Improve presentation Skills
Education and training are higher when information presented via computer animation systems than traditional classroom lectures.
1. Need higher skill
Example: need skill in using animation software such as Flash
2. Too much animation on a page can be distacting
Too many animated adverts on a page
3. Take a lot of effort to create even a basic animation
4. Require high memory and storage space
Use more system processing and storage resources

-* Super realistic
-* Player immerse into the virtual
-* Example 1: the Activision’s video
- We are hard to differentiate the real or fake even we look the man from different views.
-* Example 2: A boy and his kite
- experience the real time
- can see the leaves blowing, the light and textures like real world

1.Video games

-* mobility
-* information in full content
-* interactive of people with the information
-* combine the concept of the hotspot

2) Museum

-* helpful in journalism
-* explain the complicated process, the futuristic concepts and deliver the information or story that can’t be present by just using camera.
-* Example: Bombing, fire, accident case can be reenactment.

3) Story telling

-* idea or concept into the real action
-* illustrate the process flow or the problem
-*Example: introducing the new model of smart phones

4) Business
Adobe Flash is a comprehensive design package for all kinds of web design.
can use Photoshop or Illustrator create animation.
offers both frame-by-frame animation or object-based animation or new bone animation tool.
is a web app that simplifies the process of creating an animated video.
use with a drag and drop interface.
you get to direct your own sets, camera angles, actors, sound effects, and everything together.
thousands of characters in a variety of styles are available, pre-animated with actions and expressions.
create your own characters from scratch and control every aspect, from facial features to clothing and accessory, using simple point and click menus.
is much more affordable than Flash.
used by Disney, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Fox and more.
create either frame-by-frame or bone animations using a variety of input tools.
• is user-friendly for beginners.
• bone drawing-based
Wai Ching

Siew Ping

Huan Xin

Soo Ean

Chew Bei
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