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GirlTrek: State of the Movement

A quick recap of GirlTrek's victories, strategy and goals.

Tanya Morgan

on 9 June 2017

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Transcript of GirlTrek: State of the Movement

The GirlTrek Movement is Born!
GirlTrek Organizes 15,000 for #Harriet
GirlTrek Wins Top Teach for America Award
We don't just rattle off daunting statics, we are the statistics. We stay awake at night, have endless brainstorms, and are compelled to act every day. I calculated the average life expectancy of the women in my immediate family. It was 66.

A Call to Action!
Most Innovative in America
The Baddest Freedom Fighter The World Has Ever Seen
I was absolutely struck - by their leadership and passion and by the potential for GirlTrek to be a game changer for kids and communities in America!

Saturday, June 10, 2017
Vol XCIII, No. 311
A Moment of Obligation Between Two Friends
Women Around the Country Organize Walks
Volunteers Catch the Fire!

Who's ready to lead the takeover, right now!?
Your Support
What is GirlTrek?
We are a grassroots movement that will organize one million Black women to walk for healing by 2018.

In the footsteps of a civil rights legacy, we are an army of street soldiers who walk to heal our bodies, inspire our daughters, and reclaim the streets of our neighborhoods. We are the heroes we've been waiting for.

GirlTrek will inspire one million "to walk, run or hike at least 5 days per week." But that's not enough. We've calculated the miles walked to secure our health and happiness and the most committed trekkers will walk 1,000 miles each year to honor women like Harriet Tubman, the women of the Montgomery Bus Boycotts and those who marched on Washington - as the ultimate moving tribute to the women who came before us. When Black women walk, things change.

We believe that self-care is a revolutionary act.
The most influential Black women in Philadelphia will work as a team to successfully launch GirlTrek in their city on February 11th 2017. Our shared goal is to nominate and train a leadership team who will inspire 1,000 black women to establish a habit of neighborhood walking by November 2017.
Thank you!

Create a master plan and guest list for the Philly Takeover in Feb!
March 2011

June 2012

-Wendy Kopp
CEO, Teach for America
March 2013

-Vanessa Garrison
Co-Founder, GirlTrek
The Washington Post, NPR, Steve Harvey, BET and Ebony Magazine all ran feature stories.
We challenged our friends and families to walk with us - we walk to heal our bodies, inspire our daughters
and reclaim the streets of our neighborhoods.
In the Footsteps of a Civil Rights Legacy
Summer 2013

From the March on Washington Tribute to Trayvon Martin Verdict, GirlTrek Decides to Get Active.
Mailee Sends Decision Email, "Congratulations You're an ELF!"
Claniel Foundations Supports GirlTrek
Goal: To provide critical support for these leaders and their organizations, the Foundation awards a four-year unrestricted general operating grant totaling $240,000 to each recipient’s organization and access to a thoughtful, close-knit support network of peers.

April 2014

Grassroots Organizers Train in Upstate NY
GirTrek Establishes National Volunteer Corps
May 2013

Like 60's Freedom Riders, volunteers took the bus to the training listening to Mavis Staples.
Black Women Chart New Ground with Prestigious Honor - Echoing Green.
Top 1% in the World
Grassroots Movement Gets National Sponsors
GirlTrek in Christmas Commercial?
REI and Columbia Sportswear sponsor GirlTrek's volunteer corps and Summer Trek Series.
August 2013

April 2012
GirlTrek Founders Go to the White House Wearing Stockings and Pearls
First Lady Obama and Surgeon General Support
May 2014

Started from the Bottom
February 2014

GirlTrek is Supported By the Black Media
September 5, 2014
New City-Level Volunteers will Organize Footholds in American Cities
GirlTrek Announces "The Year of Organizing"

It Started with a Great Story by a Journalist from NationSwell
The Media Starts Paying Attention
June 2013

Countless Dedicated Organizers
Today, there are...
Today, there are over
"trek teams" across the country.
Today, there are more than
women who have taken the GirlTrek pledge.
...and we have
Our call to action?
Why do we walk?
Our creed?
Our Mission
City Captain Success Story
Establish a Foothold City.
Active Neighborhoods
Golden Shoelaces
Ultimate Trekkers
GirlTrek Generals
- serious question -
Have fun, unwind, decompress with other amazing Black women
Teach In:
Learn more
about GirlTrek
and master the "Family Reunion Pitch!"
Sweat! Earn a #GirlTrekGlow
and experience
a model trek
Practice, audit and help each other commit to
May 2013

A "Takeover Team: is a group of 7 volunteers selected by GirlTrek to create a foothold - of 100+ walking warriors - in a target city. The team consists of:

The Job: She is the drum major! Every month, she hosts fun, high-energy, city-wide mileage treks to help women succeed at rigorous walking goals and create a GirlTrek buzz around town.

The Job: She is a soldier. Rain or shine she commits to a "fitness trek" every Saturday morning at a local park and welcomes new trekkers in her neighborhood to join her. #SuperheroSaturday (Goal: 4 miles in 1 hour)
City Captain (1)
Neighborhood Captain (6)
GirlTrek Buses
volunteers to Selma
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