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Senior Portfolio

No description

Sydney Perry

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Senior Portfolio

Mrs.Kirby's 3A Class Sydney Perry's
Senior Portfolio Table of Contents Cover Letter 3
Resume 4
Academic Achievement Artifact 5
Academic Achievement Rationale 6
Career Readiness Artifact 7
Career Readiness Rationale 8
Personal Responsibility Artifact 9
Personal Responsibility Rationale 10
Reflective Essay 11
Letter of Recommendation #1 12
Letter of Recommendation #2 13 Cover Letter September 23, 2012
Dear Interviewer:
As my high school career ends, I am looking forward to attending a four year university to further my education. I plan to go into college as undecided and then find out what I would like to do as a profession as I mature through my future college experience.
In high school I have taken honors and AP classes to prepare me for the college work load. I believe that I am fully capable to succeed in my future college classes. I have had to balance my AP classes and my vigorous sports’ practice schedule, and have maintained a B average in most of my classes.
For two summers I was a mentor at a summer camp, Camp St. Charles. I had to act like a big sister to kids from the ages of 7-10. During this time I learned to be more responsible. I also had to learn patience. I believe patience is a great attribute to any person. Patience enables one to excel in the workforce when they have to get along with co-workers to get an assignment finished.
Please look through the rest of my portfolio and feel free to ask many any questions you may have.
Thank you for viewing my portfolio.
Many Thanks,
Sydney Perry
8837 Cottongrass Street
Waldorf, Maryland 20603
Sydneyperry1@comcast.net Resume Academic Achievement Artifact Academic Achievement Rationale My artifact is a Minds in Motion certificate. I received this certificate for getting above a 3.25 GPA while participating in a sport. This artifact reflects that I am not only a good student, but also can balance multiple responsibilities and a busy schedule. I included this artifact because I am proud that I was able to keep a high GPA and excel in the sport I love
The Minds in Motion certificate shows that I am responsible. I can complete and succeed in my school work, while dealing with the busy schedule of high school sports. In the future I can use my skill of balancing responsibilities to maintain a hard working, well-paying job and maintain my relationships with my family and friends. Career Readiness Artifact Career Readiness Rationale My artifact is my North Point agenda book. The agenda book is available for every student to purchase at the beginning of the school so students can stay organize and keep track of the assignments they receive in class. I use my agenda book religiously. I write down all my assignments and then highlight them when I have completed them. My agenda book shows that I am an organized student who is capable of completing all tasks provided to me. I included this artifact because I believe organization is an important career skill and my agenda book can prove how organized I am.
This artifact shows that I am organized and pay careful attention to all the work I am provided. Sometimes my agenda is filled with tasks to be completed but I work hard so that I may have the satisfaction of crossing off the assignment with my highlighter. The organization shown through my agenda book shows that in the future if my boss gives me work that I will not forget about. It shows that completing my work is important to me and I have the organizational skills to complete it. Personal Responsibility Artifact Personal Responsibility Rationale My artifact is my driver’s license. It reflects that I am responsible for getting myself places such as school and practices in a timely manner. I included this artifact because it is important to be self responsible for getting to the places that I need to be.
My driver’s license shows that I am responsible for myself. I can go to school on time without relying on my parents or the bus. It also shows that I can go to practice and also help my teammates if they do not have a ride to practice. In the future, my driver’s license will help me get to work and run errands and pick up my family without relying on anyone but myself. Reflective Essay 1.)“Seek the fashion which truly fits and befits you. You will always be in fashion if you are true to yourself, and only if you are true to yourself. You might, of course, rightly wear that style which is emblazoned on the fashion magazines of the day, or you might not.” -Maya Angelou
Other than fashion, what medium(s) do you choose for self-expression and why?

I express myself through my athletic ability. Through my sports I show that I am determined and hard-working. I practice every day and have to give one hundred percent, even on days when I am not feeling one hundred percent myself. I have to push through the hard practices and tough games for my teammates and coaches who are all depending on me to be my best. My hard-working attitude is one of my attributes that I am most proud of and that is why I like to show it off on the field. My coach has always told me “Hard-work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard”. I carry that statement with me and try to remember it in everything I do.
At my school my peers know I play soccer and lacrosse without me telling them. I am glad that my peers recognize me for something I work so hard to achieve. I am the sporty girl and I am proud of it. I am proud that my sports show off my hard-work. I want my hard work to show not only from my athletic ability, but in all things I do. Letter of Recommendation #1 Letter of Recommendation #2 Thank You for taking the time to look at my portfolio.
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