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Motion energy

No description

Peter Barnes

on 7 December 2016

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Transcript of Motion energy

- People

- Animals

- Wind

- hedgers
Examples of motion energy
Who discovered motion energy?
- F orce is related to motion because Newtons second law of motion states that force, acting on an object, will change its velocity by changing either its speed or its direction or both.

- Motion makes the world, the moon, and the sun go around.

Interesting Facts
Keep it real happy meal, be sweet parakeet, bye bye butterfly, out the door dinosaur, bye bye chicken thigh, peace out girl scout, eat a WHEEL little SEAL.
While Issac Newton was in college he was writing his ideas in a journal. Newton had new ideas about motion, which he called his three laws of motion. H also had ideas about gravity, the diffraction of light, and forces. Newtons ideas were so good that Queen Anne knighted him in 1705.
Motion energy is the energy an object possesses due to its motion, which is also called Kinetic energy. this means that the object, which has motion energy, can do work on any object it hits.
What is Motion energy
What is going on in here? Prezi! duh duh dum.

Today we are going to teach you a little bit about Motion Energy. Did you like how I made the word Motion energy seem like it was moving?
Motion Energy
Motion Energy
Motion Energy
By: THE Preziholics
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