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Merchant of Venice


Tiffany Ng

on 9 February 2010

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Transcript of Merchant of Venice

Merchant of Venice
NERISSA LORENZO SALARINO GRATIANO SHYLOCK Nerissa only appears in one of the scene , but i can tell that she is a wise person because she told portia that riches don't bring happiness. I could also see that Nerissa is a very gentle caring person and a very good friend to have also.She lives in Belmont with portia. My guess is that Nerissa may also fall in love with either one of the charaters in the play, or she might fall in love with Bassanio so Nerissa and portia may get into a big fight. Bassanio is a young venetian gentleman who
might be in love with Portia. He is very good friends
with Antonio. He is helpful and cautious of
Antonio's deal with Shylock. I think that Bassanio might
get portia to help Antonio pay shylock's money because
she is very rich. I also think that Bassanio and portia's relationship may not work out becuase shylock tries to break them up.
Shylock is Jewish and he makes a living by lending other
people money, but getting more money back in
return. I think he is violent because in the play he
says he would cut a part of Antonio 'sbody off if he breaks
the deal. He is a very bad man and i think he is up to something, he might
wreck Antonio's ships so that he could kill anotnio,
I think that he will do many more bad things and i think that later on
in the play, he might ruin Bassanio and Portia's relationship. Antonio is an old man from Venice,
he is a very well-known merchant.
At the moment, he has no money becasue
they are all out in the seas. He is a very confident
man ,you could tell when he said :"in this there can be no dismay; My ships come home a month before the day." He is very good friends with Bassanio. Also,
he is christian. I think that later on in the story,
Antonio loses all his money and cant pay Shylock
his money back. I think its because Shylock somehow
stopped him from getting his money .To make himself feel more powerful,more
rich and also because he hates
Antonio. Portia is a very rich and beautiful lady
who lives in Belmont with her
maid Nerissa. She has to marry a man
who someone picks because it is
her father's last wish. Portia is
very picky about her choices, and
she might be in love with Bassanio.
I think Portia may be able to help Antonio
pay Shylock.
He only appeared for abit in act 1. He is
Bassanio's good friend. I dont know much about
him yet so i cant make any predictions,but he ay be one
of the man that Nerissa may fall in love with. He is Bassanio's friend. I dont know much about him because he wasnt a main charater in act 1. Im not really sure what will happen to lorenzo but i think that he may be one of the people that Nerissa may fall in love with. A venetian man. He is a counterpart
( person who holds someone else's
position) for Solarino. He
looks like a really crazy person. He is from Venice,
he is friends with Lorezo,
Antonio and Bassanio. He seems
like a very weird and freaky man.
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