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No description

alexis giles

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Lush

Samantha (Sam)-Main Character -13 year old who is in 8th grade dealing with family issues and school problems
Luck-4 year old little brother
Mom-Yoga freak
Jacob Mann-Lab report Partner
Angie,Tray,Vanessa-Sams friend
Charlie-Sam frienemie
Faye -Charlie sister
Mr.Parker-Charlie dad
Vanessa's dad-Mr.Barton
Danny -Angie crush
Molly Katz- A really pretty girl
Nana Gwynn-Sams dad mom

by:Alexis Giles
by: Natasha Friend
Natasha Friend is a American author she wrote adult novels, some are My Life in Black and White,Lush,Perfect A Novel.
Sam is a 3 year old girl that lives with her mother,father,and 4 year old brother. Her mother is a yoga freak and doesn't like to really pay attention to the fact that her husband has a drinking problem. Sam thinks that her life is just horrible and how she feel like it would be different if she had a different family. Sam is always yelling at her mom because she always believes her dad when he say that he will cut down on her drinking , Sam doesn't believe him and always talking down on him.
This story takes place mainly in their house
The library where Sam goes to get away
The school
Her friends Vanessa house
A party
Lush is a young adult fiction novel. Published by Natasha Friend and Milkweed Editions in 2006. Its about a 13 year old girl, who is dealing with a father who is a alcoholic and personal problems.
Sam is having family problems and is insecure about her body because she has big boobs and her dad is a alcoholic and her mom doesn't really acknowledge it. Sam is constantly talking about how her life is so bad. She ends up going to a party and drinking and realize that she is becoming like her dad and she has hit rock bottom.
Natasha Friend
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