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Terrace Farming (China)

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Debra Vickery

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Terrace Farming (China)

inputs, outputs, boundaries, elements, interactions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKybByQ2C4o Let’s see what it looks like Chinese Farming Farmers in ancient China had to find ways to grow enough food to feed their large population. It was often difficult because of the dry, mountainous land. The Way It Was Terrace Farming Ancient China 1. How did farmers in ancient China increase the amount of productive farmland?
2. What farming methods helped farmers in ancient China grow more food? Connecting to the Past This method of farming, called terrace farming, is still used in China today. Contribution Terrace farming is done on the side of a mountain. The farmers will build stone or sod walls to form sort of stair-like benches. The walls slow the erosion and water runoff process. Also, since they are usually built high in the mountains, each level has a different altitude so you can grow different kinds of crops there. Here is a picture: Terrace Farming Early farmers also used the terraces as a way of irrigating their crops. As rain fell, it flowed down from one terrace to the next, watering the crops. Problem Solving Terrace farming consists of building a series of step like benches. These benches are supported by either sod or stone walls. Each level slows the flow of water runoff, slowing the erosion process.
They also bring into tillage areas that formerly could not be farmed.
Much of the rice that comes from Vietnam, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries is grown on terraces. Terrace Farming Terraces made more land available for farming and kept the soil from eroding, or wearing away. Terraces Over centuries, farmers learned to cut terraces—flat areas, like a series of deep steps—into the mountain slopes. Over TIME Farmers in ancient China were the first to use insects to protect their crops from damage by other insects. As early as A.D. 304, Chinese farmers used ants to prevent other insects from damaging their citrus fruit trees. They also used frogs and birds for pest control. Interesting Fact Because the river valleys had fertile soil the Chinese could successfully farm along the rivers.
However, because the river valleys were not sufficient for farming the Chinese had to develop more innovative farming techniques.
Terrace farming (as seen to the left) and other farming tools such as the iron plow allowed the Chinese to grow enough food to survive and eventually thrive. Taming the Landscape Think about Terracing
as a SYSTEM functional or dysfunctional
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