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TOK Presentation

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Judith Navarro

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of TOK Presentation

Anna Aguilar & Judith Navarro Knowledge Issue To what extent are people's decisions driven by emotion? What guides the decision of whether to do homework or not, and what work to do? Rational decisions help us narrow down our options so we can chose between a manageable number of them - Damasio TOK PRESENTATION Real-life Situation Jack Kevorkian, an American pathologist and euthanasia activist, assisted 130 people to die. He was then convicted to 8 years of prison because of this. So... Reason Emotion & http://estaticos03.cache.el-mundo.net/america/imagenes/2011/06/03/estados_unidos/1307108616_0.jpg Empathy
Emotions affect beliefs- beliefs affect emotions --> directly related
Emotions cloud are capability to reason
Some emotions are short sided and can blind the long term consequences

Beliefs ethics, Page 153 diagram Relation Death (emotions vs beliefs)
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