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Margo Peluso

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

From the couch to the TV! David Tennant Birth Conclusion On April 18, 1971, a cute little baby boy was born to two loving parents, Alexander "Sandy" McDonald and Essdale Helen McDonald. They named their baby David. No one knew what greatness this baby would achieve, only that he was special... David McDonald had now grown into a fine young man and was ready to start his career. He started with many, MANY drama camps and worked hard to get the roles he wanted, and he got most of them, too. His acting teachers were impressed with him.
In 1987, when he was 16, David made his first TV appearance. He was very excited. He loved it, and wanted more! He tried out for more and more roles, and since someone had taken his actual name in the acting business, he began with a screen name. David Tennant, actor extraordinaire! Teen Years David most likely had challenges most people who want a big break had, like money problems, time for practicing, locations to where he had to travel for his gig, and many other things. Also, he probably had to practice a lot more, because he was getting fierce competitors and he had to step out of his comfort zone. Challenges (For a fun Guy) Fun Facts David Tennant still has yet for many people in the USA to discover him, since he lives in the United Kingdom, but the few people who have already have love him. He has inspired many people including me and hopefully you also.
David Tennant continues to be a great actor today, and I want someday, for you to, too see him as the awesome guy he is. Childhood When he was three, David John McDonald loved watching the British TV series Doctor Who, and was inspired by the third Doctor, Tom Baker, to become an actor. This determined young boy was not about to give up on his dream, because he knew he had the talent and precision to make it come true. By Brooke Chase David McDonald, now mostly known as David Tennant now, married Georgia Moffet (Daughter of the director of Doctor Who),had 2 children named Tyler and Oliver with her, was 6.1, has really cool sideburns, and had his dream life. David earned the Laurence Oliver award in 2003. He still works regularly at the theater and never stopped pursing his dream, even when his time playing The Doctor was over and had to pass his role over to his successor Matt Smith (The 11th Doctor). (Huge) Baby Steps to Fame David Tennant stared in many moves, like Taken' Over the Asylum, Black Pool, and Casanova. As he went farther into the fame world, he decided to try out for the role that started his determination- The Doctor from Doctor Who. He tried out, and- Surprisingly, (To him, I wasn't surprised myself. :D) he got the role for the 10th Doctor and became widely famous for it. Citation: information and pictures from www.imdb.com/name/nm0855039/, Google Tennant as The Doctor, kissing his 'sonic screwdriver' :) Matt Smith Doctor, why so serious? :D
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