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Australian Creation Myth

No description

Apple Pie

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Australian Creation Myth

Australian Creation Myth
Creation of the world
Some of these Dreamtime ancestors looked like men and women. Some of them looked like the animals or other creatures of whom descended from them. However the Dreamtime ancestors could often change their shape. So the Swordfish ancestor could also become a man or a woman as well as a swordfish. As they ventured the land they would encounter many different things. They would run into other Ancestors which would usually result in an argument and finish with them going separate ways. They would fight battles with strange creatures. Whenever anything would happen the lands shape would change.

- K. R.









By: Gracelyn Chemy, Sarah Dulong, and Kelly Robinson
When people, Dreamtime ancestors or animals did anything the weren't supposed to, the Rainbow Serpent would punish them. By drowning them or by eating them and spitting out their bones to form rocks or hills.

"From the Dreamtime Rainbow Snake came the feared ngaljod snake, still deadly and dangerous to those who are careless. But the Rainbow Snake is not just vengeful. To some people the rainbow Snake is Old Woman, who in the Dreamtime taught her children - humans - to talk and understand. She taught them to dig for food and what to eat."

First Humans
The first humans were Wurugag and Waramurungundi (the first man and woman, respectively.) who were created at the same time. Waramurungundi gave birth to all living things and taught language to the people of Australia.

- K. R.
In the Australian creation myth in the beginning there was only a baren land of no life. There were no animals, plants, or humans. Baiame, ( or the Maker of Many Things ) brought the Dreamtime ancestors from under the ground and over the seas. They brought life to the dead and barren land.

- K. R.
Gods and Godesses
There were many different gods in australian mythology, there were different gods for different things but each region of Australia also had their own gods, such as akurra who was a great snake deity of the adnyamathanha people. There was also anjea the fertility goddess or spirit, in whom peoples souls reside between their incarnations. And apparently they even kept track of a man named Kondole who became the first whale.

- S. D.

The Afterlife
The concept of the after life for aboriginal Australians were generally the same all over the continent. A person's actions during life had no effect on the what would happen to his spirit in the afterlife, there is no hell or heaven. The uncertainty as to whether a dead person's spirit is allowed to enter the Land of the Dead is based more on whether they display physical signs of having taken part in certain rituals, such as initiation, and to whether or not the mourners have carried out the appropriate mortuary rites correctly.

When people, Dreamtime ancestors or animals did anything they weren't supposed to, the Rainbow Serpent would punish them. By drowning them or by eating them and spitting out their bones to form rocks or hills.

- S. D. and a little by K. R.
From the Dreamtime Rainbow Snake came the overall feared Ngaljod snake, still deadly and still dangerous to those who are careless. But the Rainbow Snake is not solely vengeful. To a few people the Rainbow Snake is known as "Old Woman", who in the Dreamtime taught her children - the humans - to talk and to understand. She showed them how to dig for food and what to eat.

- K. R.

More on the Rainbow Snake/Serpent
The most well known sacred places were Ulura and Kata Tjuta. These two places are massive rock formations located in the middle of Australia. The australian aboriginals used their sacred sites as a way to support and regenerate the spirits of the living earth and also a way to experience a living memory of their ancestral Dream Time heritage.

- G. C.
Sacred Places
Dream Time- is a term used to refer to the australian aboriginal beliefs and/or myth of the creation of the earth.
The Dreaming- is a constant phenomenon which includes the past, present, and future.

- G. C.
- G. C.
- G. C.
The Name of The Rainbow Snake
The rainbow snake is a very important creature in Australian mythology, it is portrayed as a creator, a punisher but the most interesting myth about the rainbow snake is why it is the "rainbow" snake. It was named because of the obvious identification between a rainbow and a snake. Some people believe that it represents the seasons and the importance of water in a human life. It is said that when a rainbow is in the sky the snake is changing from one waterhole to another, and this explained to them why some waterholes never dried up even during a drought. The rainbow serpent is one of the oldest religious beliefs in the world.

- S. D.
In all seriousness, according to australian aboriginal mythology, Kondole was a mean and rude man. One night during a ceremony the performers needed somebody to keep a fire going and Kondole was the only one with fire. He decided instead to hide in a bush. The men argued with him and one of them got frustrated and threw a spear into Kondole's skull. They all then turned into animals ( kangaroos, possums, fish and birds. ) While Kondole became a whale and the hole in his skull from the spear became his blowhole. According to myth he was the very first whale.
May we
your fire
- S. D.
1.What was important to these people? What values did they have?

They valued the rain and they had multiple rain gods. They had specific rituals which they needed to do in order to reincarnate.

2. What were their concerns or fears?

They feared droughts and lack of water or rain.

3. What are some archetypes?
i) They had several solar gods and the sun represents growth and rebirth.

ii) Death and rebirth because they believed in reincarnation which is literally dying and then being born again.

iii) Water vs desert because the majority of Australia is desert and the aboriginals entire existence was a struggle and they needed water to survive so its the powers of the desert vs the water they needed.

iv) Colors with the rainbow snake
Red: The rainbow snake is the god of punishment in a way.
Green: growth hope fertility. The snake shows them water which is their hope for survival.
Blue: highly positive, security, tranquility, the snake is many of these things
Yellow: wisdom, shows that the snake is very wise, to some the snake is the one who taught the people of Australia how to find food.

v) A serpent: a serpent is a representation of both good and of evil. Because the rainbow snake was responsible for punishment while still being a
god that taught the people what they needed to know
Question part 2
4.Are any questions created and/or left unanswered?
It never really says specifically where the first people came from. It is possible they are the descendants of the Dreamtime ancestors but it never specifically says otherwise nor does it confirm it. There are also several other things that have been lost or distorted over time, this religion did come to be around 40,000 years ago, so its not surprising that several things contradict each other, lack a beginning or seemingly have no relevance.
Questions part 3
5. Would you like to live with the people who believed in this religion?
No we would NOT like to live with these people because given the gods, spirits, and myths we can guess that women
were raped and had very little say in anything.
For example there is Julana, a lecherous Jumu spirit who surprises women by burrowing beneath the sand, leaping
out and raping them.
Then there's Kidili. Mandjindja moon deity who was castrated for attempting to rape the first woman.
There is also hints that children may have been kidnapped and/or murdered.
There was Mokoi an evil murgnin spirit who kidnapped and ate children.
Questions part 4
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