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Midnight Train

Song lyrics for Muitl Modal project

Daniel Christie

on 8 September 2011

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Transcript of Midnight Train

See you walkin by the rails
Danger, fear not, for I am there
Midnight darkness fills the air
With the shadows no one’s there
Riding along the Midnight tracks
Hopin God won’t set us back
See you runnin off there, somewhere
Take me away with you
Midnight Train
The future looks so bright here,
Right here
Take me away with you
The smoke will clear
All together we have searched,
and still you run
Clearly you have run away
But I’m still searchin in the dark
to find my way
and we will find
Ridin on the Midnight tracks
Knowing God has set me back
See you runnin off there, somewhere
Take me away with you
The future looks so bright here,
Right here
Take me away with you
Midnight Train gone runnin through her mind
Midnight Train gone runnin through her yard
Midnight Train gone runnin through her mind
See you runnin off there, somewhere
Take me away with you
The future looks so bright here,
Right here
Take me away with you
I have traveled the world searching for happiness. At times, I found exactly what I was looking for: excitement…adventure…happiness. But the funny thing about the Midnight Train is it does not stay in one station for very long.
My Midnight Train has yet to return to its original station. I led a life filled with passion and purpose: family, friends, faith, education, music, theatre, sports, entertainment, pleasure, and travel. I had it all.
Now, I’m left searching for my station. I am searching for job satisfaction: purpose, meaning, fulfillment, passion, pride, enjoyment, rigor, growth, and opportunity. I am looking for ways to bring back the hobbies, which, once, consumed my life, but brought much pleasure: music, singing, theatre, and sports.
Before, these aspects of my life came so naturally. My Midnight Train made frequent stops. I had a hop on, hop off, infinite pass, which allowed me the opportunity to experience the highs of life. When stuck in a valley, the Midnight Train pushed, scraped, and heaved over the valley and into the mountains. It spiraled upward, away from danger. It always guided me toward the right direction. However, lately, it seems as if this train is speeding toward the abyss, with no emergency break in sight.
When did this train detour? Was it after graduating from West Chester in 2012? Was it after leaving the teaching profession in 2016? Was it after joining the military in 2016? Was it some period before, or in-between? And, at its core, what are its reasons: is it simply job satisfaction? Weekly shift schedule? Time away from family? Lack of time for outside interests? A combination? Or it is as simple as not being able to use my natural abilities within my day-to-day job. Has my train dropped me in a station, which is under utilizing my natural abilities and is contradictory to my talents, and skills?
Like any great adventurer or pathfinder, my map, guide, or compass has left me with the simple question: am I lost, or is my train simply taking a pit stop to refuel and work on its maintenance requirements?
Midnight Train: Present Poem
Midnight Train: Future Poem
Along our journey, we search for many things: we search for truth; we search for acceptance; we search for a sense of belonging; we search for the betterment of ourselves and society. Throughout our quest, we search for adventure. We unquestionably search for reason, meaning, and purpose. But most of all, on our journey, riding the Midnight Train, we search for light: light brings us opportunity. Light provides us excitement, adventure, and pleasure. Light grants us optimism and joy. It stretches our minds, and our hearts, and enters the deepest depths of our souls, helping us answer the most vital question: What is our purpose in life and how do we attain it?
From the shadows of darkness, light begins to seep through the tunnels. It captures our every glance toward freedom; toward hope, and prosperity, and acceptance, and excitement, and pleasure, and meaning, and purpose. Light offers hope. “Hope at the end of the tunnel” is not just a cliché, or an old saying, or a proverb. Hope has tremendous meaning and value. Hope offers discretion. Hope doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t seek privilege. It is granted to those whom seek.
We will undoubtedly encounter heartache and inability, stress and anxiety, fear and betrayal, exhaustion, and defeat. Our mental state of mind will linger with each passing day. There will be bumps and bruises along the way. The scars will remind us of our past and its tumultuous effects. But the glorious part of the Midnight Train is its tenacity, its grit, its perseverance; it's always moving with its glistening wheels continuously propelling down its reflecting tracks.
The Midnight Train offers us the most worthwhile journey to seek the joys of life. It offers the allure of success and failure, the heaviness of heartbreak and heartache, the thoughtfulness of friendship and love, the risk of trial and error, the responsibility of caring and nurturing, the adventure of passion and nuance, the excitement of challenge and rigor, the freedom for evaluation and collaboration, and the opportunity for growth and development.
I did not take this journey alone. I took this adventure with my wife and my children, my parents and my brothers, my friends and colleagues, my pups, and most importantly, my God. Because of these individuals, I now see the light. It shimmers and gleams, inching me closer toward the end of the tunnel. This light offers hope, optimism, and opportunity. It provides job satisfaction and fulfillment. The light provides meaning. It provides purpose. The only question is, are you ready to disembark? Or are you waiting for the next station on the Midnight Train?
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