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Royal Brunei Airline

No description


on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Royal Brunei Airline

Royal Brunei Airline
- Country of origin: Brunei
- Founded: November 18,1974
- Flag carrier airline of the Sultanate of Brunei
- Owned by the government
- Operating 27 routes, 14 destinations
Product Profile
Airlines fleet
- Airbus A319
- Airbus A320
- Boeing 777-200ER
- (5 new aircrafts)
"Giving the World Asia's Best”
Airline Profile
- The country’s flag carrier
- November 18,1974
- Owned by the government of Brunei
- Operating 27 routes, 14 destinations in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Australia
Royal Brunei class
- Business class
- Economy class
- (No First class)
Economy Class seating is comfortable, with adjustable head and foot rests, and a personal television
offers a wide range of inflight entertainment options to choose from.

Business Class
“SkyDreamer sleeper seats”
Seats deploy into an inclined bed, which along with a plush duvet and a larger pillow to offer peaceful sleep.
Each seat has its own power connector and personal TV.
Economy Class
Royal Brunei Airlines is repositioning itself as a ‘boutique’ airline
Now refocusing as a boutique airline with strong regional franchise and operating only to longhaul destinations.
A key step on this journey will be taken next year, when Royal Brunei receive the first of five new aircraft from Boeing.

Target Market

-Royal Brunei airline is planning to implement network extensions to destinations such as Manila, Singapore and Hong Kong.

- Asian countries are being targeted as key markets for the airline.

We have many choices of delicious meals to offer passengers.
"Food Fit To Fly By" is one our airline's slogans.

Enjoy the same caring service from our professional flight attendants

The Sky Lounge at the Brunei Airport is a wonderful location to await your flight

Won the "Best Foreign Airline" at Tourism Awards 2011

The perfect getaway, consider Royal Brunei to get you to your destination safely and receive a great experience.

Our goal is to “giving the world’s asia best”

- Royal Brunei Airlines’ sky lounge
- New facilities include massage chairs, shower rooms, free wifi and internet access.
- Loyalty programme ( Royal Skies)
- Free flights, seat upgrades.
Features and Benefits
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